PIARC: Opportunities for Canadians on the world stage

Wednesday, October 9, 2019

In the coming weeks, the World Road Association (PIARC) will launch a new strategic plan to guide its work until 2023. Four major themes will be the focus through this cycle: road administration; mobility; safety and sustainability; and resilient infrastructure. PIARC is inviting nominations of candidates from around the world to serve on committees and task forces, to develop and share knowledge on topics related to those themes.

Committees being formed are listed below. To express interest in becoming involved, contact swells@tac-atc.ca by October 31, 2019, including a short résumé of relevant experience.

PIARC 2020-2023 Strategic Planning Cycle

Strategic Theme Technical Committee / Task Force
1 Road Administration TC 1.1 Performance of Transport Administrations
TC 1.2 Planning Road Infrastructure and Transport to Economic and Social Development
TC 1.3 Finance and Procurement
TC 1.4 Climate Change and Resilience of Road Network
TC 1.5 Disaster Management
TF 1.1Well-Prepared Projects
TF 1.2 HDM-4
2 Mobility TC 2.1 Mobility in Urban Areas
TC 2.2 Accessibility and Mobility in Rural Areas
TC 2.3 Freight
TC 2.4 Road Network Operation/ITS
TF 2.1 New Mobility and its Impact on Road Infrastructure and Transport
3 Safety and Sustainability TC 3.1 Road Safety
TC 3.2 Winter Service
TC 3.3 Asset Management
TC 3.4 Environmental Sustainability in Road Infrastructure and Transport
TF 3.1 Road Infrastructure and Transport Security
4 Resilient Infrastructure TC 4.1 Pavements
TC 4.2 Bridges
TC 4.3 Earthworks
TC 4.4 Tunnels
TF 4.1 Road Design Standards

The World Road Association

PIARC was established in 1909 as a non-political, non-profit organization to develop international cooperation and foster progress in the area of roads and road transport. PIARC has more than 120 national government members, representing all levels of economic development and every region of the world. Canada is a PIARC member through Transport Canada.

Canadian National Committee

To facilitate broader participation in PIARC from Canada, the Transportation Association of Canada (TAC) supports the Canadian National Committee (CNC) which includes each province and territory, several private sector firms and individuals as members. The CNC connects Canada and TAC to the worldwide roads community and broadens access for Canadians to international technical information about road transportation. Through PIARC, Canada is recognized as a leader in the international roads and transportation sector. Canadian expertise is valued at all levels of the association.

What it means to participate  

In the last strategic planning cycle, Canada was represented on 15 PIARC technical committees and task forces. These committee members do work for and contribute knowledge and expertise to PIARC committees, but they receive professional development experiences and fulfillment in return their participation.

Being on a PIARC committees means:

  • Gaining access to state-of-the-art information and practices;
  • Expanding networks of international colleagues and expert contacts;
  • Building business beyond Canada’s borders;
  • Actively participating in committee work and developing knowledge;
  • Reporting to the CNC about work in progress at least once a year;
  • Connecting with TAC committees with shared interests;
  • Being a PIARC member (for more information visit CNC-PIARC Membership; and
  • Covering costs associated with participation. (No financial support is provided by the CNC, TAC or PIARC; committee meetings are convened in person at various international locations and from time to time via electronic means.)

Exciting opportunities ahead – Calgary 2022

Canada will host the next Winter Road Congress in Calgary in 2022. This is a major PIARC event that will attract stakeholders from around the world and be an opportunity to showcase Canadian content and expertise. The work of technical committees on winter service, asset management, climate change and resilience, and disaster management will be front and centre at the Congress. Canadian representation on those committees is particularly important.

Further down the road, the 27th World Road Congress will be convened in Prague in 2023. The culmination of the strategic cycle, technical content and deliverables from PIARC’s committees will be highlighted.