Providing Opportunities through TAC’s Student Grant | 2022 TAC Conference & Exhibition

Monday, October 17, 2022

To help break down the barriers that prevent students from attending its annual conference, TAC offers at least one Student Grant to enhance their educational opportunities outside the classroom. 

In 2022, Waleed Javed, a civil engineering student at the University of Saskatchewan, received the Student Grant to attend the 2022 TAC Conference & Exhibition in Edmonton, Alberta, October 2-5.

Waleed received a full conference registration as well as free accommodation and travel to the conference. He provided the following as a summary of his Conference experience.

Q How would you rate your Conference experience?

It was an amazing experience as I got to learn a lot about the everyday challenges faced by the transportation industry and got to meet industry experts. The only downside was not being able to attend more sessions due to overlapping schedules.

Q How was the Conference beneficial educationally and professionally?

As a student, attending the conference was very beneficial educationally and professionally as this conference was led by transport visionaries and industry experts sharing their vast experience and intellect in urban/rural transport services. The interactive workshops, technical sessions, and panel discussions allow students to engage in problem-solving activities and gain valuable insights on how to approach diverse sets of problems.

In addition to the learning aspect, students get to engage and network with industry experts. Networking is crucial for students as it opens doors to new opportunities and allows the exchange of ideas.

Q Tell us why you feel students should attend the Conference.

Students should attend the conference as this event provides the optimum platform to access the leaders in public transport innovation. The conference provided unparalleled insights into the latest vision and innovation within the dynamic transport industry. In addition, students can connect with potential employers and fellow students which can lead to better opportunities in the future. 

Q What did you enjoy the most at the Conference?

The most enjoyable part of the conference was taking part in the workshops. The technical workshop sessions provided me with a new perspective and tools to approach various challenges faced by the transportation industry. These tools are not just applicable in the transportation industry but can also be implemented in every engineering field.

Q What did you value the most at the Conference?

The most valuable part of the conference was networking with industry professionals and potential employers. These connections will lead to great opportunities in the future.

Q Were you able to network & connect with TAC members, organizations, & other young professionals?

Yes, I had the privilege to meet lots of TAC members, industry experts, and young professionals who share the same passion and energy for transportation-related issues in our country. I got to learn a lot about the challenges faced in the industry and the tools required to solve those issues.

Q Are there other thoughts or anecdotes related to the Conference you would like to share?

Overall, the TAC conference was an amazing experience for me. The lessons learned and the connections made will be beneficial to my career. I look forward to working in the transportation industry and applying my knowledge to future challenges and making this country an even better place to live in.

At least one student grant will be offered to graduate and undergraduate (university and college) students in transportation-related discipline to attend the 2023 TAC Conference & Exhibition in Ottawa, ON, September 24-27. Stay tuned for more information when registration opens next spring!



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