New! Guide to Evaluating Soil and Material Stabilization Products

Wednesday, February 2, 2022

A new guide from the Transportation Association of Canada (TAC) will help road owners to understand and evaluate proposed soil and material stabilization products and processes.

Pavement engineers often prefer to stabilize, rather than replace, problematic soils and materials during road construction. New soil and material stabilization products appear regularly, but it is important for road owners to evaluate their suitability before approving them for local use. The adoption of a clear and consistent process for evaluation and approval would benefit suppliers, contractors, designers, and road owners.

The Guide to Evaluating Soil and Material Stabilization Products identifies stabilization products and processes used in Canada and internationally, reviews their optimal applications, and describes their performance. It recommends a common evaluation framework for assessing the engineering and environmental suitability of soil and material stabilization products for road construction, and includes a product application form to be completed by suppliers or contractors.

"Transportation agencies are interested in innovative ways to stabilize soils for road construction. This TAC guide summarizes current stabilization products and processes and contains practical tools for agencies to evaluate new technologies in a technically sound and efficient manner. It’s an example of the great things that agencies and industry can accomplish through collaboration."

Ania Anthony, P.Eng. – Chair, Project Steering Committee and Director, Materials and Surfacing, Saskatchewan Ministry of Highways

The guide was developed by Englobe Corp. under the direction of a Project Steering Committee of volunteers representing the organizations that funded the work:

  • Alberta Transportation
  • Cement Association of Canada
  • City of Saskatoon
  • Manitoba Infrastructure
  • Ministry of Transportation, Ontario
  • New Brunswick Department of Transportation and Infrastructure
  • Saskatchewan Ministry of Highways
  • Ville de Montréal
  • Yukon Highways and Public Works

The project included a review of international literature, a survey of agencies, consultants and contractors, and a survey of product suppliers.

The Guide is available through TAC’s online bookstore at a cost of $119 for TAC members and $149 for non-members, and is identified by publication codes PTM-ESMSP-E (print) and PTM-ESMSP-E-EBK (e-book). It is currently being translated, and the release of the French edition is expected later this year.

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