New Councils and Committees at TAC

Monday, January 6, 2020

TAC’s councils and committees are where volunteers gather to create and share knowledge, expand their skills, and build professional networks.

After much work over the last year, TAC is pleased to announce a new volunteer structure that will improve communication, strengthen collaboration, and help members get more from their participation.

What’s New?

  • TAC’s new volunteer structure includes 17 committees, six councils and a Chief Engineers Panel.
  • See the “Councils and Committees” section on TAC’s website for an organizational chart, general information and details on each group.
  • See the 2020 Spring Technical Meetings program for a schedule of council and committee meetings in Ottawa in April.

Getting Involved

TAC has created contact lists for new councils and committees, based on the rosters of previous councils and committees. Individual volunteers can log into their TAC Online account and click the “Committees” tab to see which council and committee contact lists they are currently on. In January, TAC will invite volunteers to update their council and committee memberships.

TAC’s staff and Board of Directors thank the many volunteers who have helped create the new structure, and look forward to April’s inaugural meetings.