New Chapter Added to the Geometric Design Guide for Canadian Roads

Thursday, April 16, 2020

The Geometric Design Guide for Canadian Roads is a fundamental reference document for roadway design practitioners in Canada published by the Transportation Association of Canada (TAC). It contributes to the consistent and safe development and expansion of regional, provincial, and national roadway and highway systems in Canada.

Chapter 11 – Special Roads was recently added to the Guide. It provides design guidance for special roads such as low-volume rural roads, resource roads, recreational roads, and winter roads. A summary of road surface characteristics and their impact on alignments and vehicles is included for reference. The chapter includes discussion on two-lane two-way roads, one-lane two-way roads, and one-lane one-way roads, and is to be used in conjunction with other chapters in this guide. Guidance for roadside safety for low-volume roads is included.

The Guide provides guidance to planners and designers in developing design solutions that meet the needs of a range of road users while addressing the context of policy decisions and the surrounding environment. Design guidelines are included for freeways, arterials, collectors, and local roads, in both urban and rural locations as well as for integrated bicyclist and pedestrian design.

The Guide can be purchased in its entirety (package of chapters 1-11) or by separate chapters, and is available in either hard copy or e-book formats. Browse these and other titles in TAC’s online Catalogue and buy them in the Bookstore.