Transition of TAC’s CAV Task Force into a new CAV Integrated Committee

Wednesday, May 18, 2022

The Transportation Association of Canada (TAC) volunteer committees began discussing the implications of rapidly emerging Connected & Automated Vehicles (CAV) technologies around 2015.

Three years later, building on the efforts of a small volunteer working group, the Board of Directors created a CAV Task Force to guide and accelerate TAC’s work in this new and exciting field. In the years since, the CAV Task Force has proven to be a vital forum for sharing information and advancing knowledge among volunteers, TAC member organizations, and Canada’s transportation sector in general.

Now that TAC’s volunteer structure includes an active Technology Council with broad membership, the Board has decided to dissolve the CAV Task Force and endorse its transition into a CAV Integrated Committee reporting to the Technology Council. That council has approved the new committee’s Terms of Reference and appointed the final CAV Task Force Executive (Chair Kenedee Ludwar of British Columbia’s Ministry of Transportation and Infrastructure, and Vice-Chair Sabbir Saiyed of Peel Region) to continue as the Executive of the new committee. Former Task Force volunteers are being invited to maintain their membership.

Within TAC’s volunteer structure, “integrated committees” address cross-cutting issues of interest to other councils or committees; there are now four of them, focusing on:

  • Active transportation
  • Climate change
  • Small municipalities
  • CAVs

Their main objectives are collaboration and communication, and they can also organize conference sessions, conduct volunteer projects, and develop pooled-fund projects.

An important benefit of the CAV Integrated Committee will be its close relationship with the Technology Council, and with the council’s Intelligent Transportation Systems Committee and Digital Applications Committee, since both have important connections to the development and implementation of CAVs.



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