ITS Architecture for Canada

The ITS Architecture for Canada, developed by Transport Canada, is a common framework for planning, defining, and integrating intelligent transportation systems. The Architecture describes interaction among physical components of the transportation systems including travellers, vehicles, roadside devices, and control centres. It also describes the information and communications system requirements, how data should be shared and used, and the standards required to facilitate information sharing. It was developed to support ITS implementations in urban, interurban and rural environments across the country. The ITS Architecture for Canada is also the foundation for ongoing ITS standards work.

Visitors are offered two options to download the ITS Architecture: 

ISO file Download (379 MB)

Downloading the ITS Architecture in ISO format means the user will either need to burn the files onto a disk (CD or DVD) or unpack the contents with third-party software. 

Zip file Download (201 MB)

Users may also download the ITS Architecture for Canada in a compressed .zip folder, then unpack the files to their device.  Note that some graphics and other components may not appear as they should, using this method.