Invitation to Join Councils and Committees

Thursday, February 6, 2020

The Transportation Association of Canada (TAC) has updated its volunteer structure, and is now inviting individuals to join its councils and committees

Step 1 - Understand the Opportunities

Committees. Committees lie at the heart of TAC’s work, and all interested employees of TAC member organizations are welcome to join. Committee members are expected to attend meetings and conference calls, help develop projects, or organize conference sessions.

Councils. Councils guide and approve the work of committees. Most councils invite TAC member organizations to appoint a voting member who will attend at least one council meeting each year. TAC member organizations may also appoint “auxiliaries” who receive information on a council’s activities, and for whom attendance is optional.

We encourage your organization to join TAC’s new Technology Council, which will address issues such as intelligent transportation systems, connected and automated vehicles, vehicle electrification, data management, cyber security and smart cities.

It’s important to understand when councils and committees meet, so that participants can avoid schedule conflicts. Click here for TAC’s 2020 Spring Technical Meetings program.

Step 2 - See if you're Already Involved

Committees. The starting rosters of TAC’s new committees reflect those of previous committees. By logging in to your TAC Online account ( learn more about TAC Online here) and selecting the “Committees” tab, you can see which committees you belong to. (The absence of a “Committees” tab means you have no current council or committee memberships.)

Councils. The “Committees” tab in your TAC Online account shows your current council affiliations, but not your status as a member or auxiliary. Click below to see the starting rosters of TAC’s new councils:

Step 3 - Change Your Involvement

Contact TAC to join or withdraw from councils or committees, to change your organization’s council members and auxiliaries, or simply to ask a question.


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