Highlights from the 2021 TAC Conference & Exhibition Feedback Surveys

Monday, November 22, 2021

The 2021 TAC Conference & Exhibition was held online from September 20 to October 1. Delegates from across Canada gathered to discuss and learn about a wide variety of topics, including the conference theme, Recovery and Resilience: Transportation After COVID-19.

The event saw good attendance with a total of 962 registered delegates, 32 exhibiting companies and an average of 59 attendees at each session. The Conference offered a full program of 82 live web-conferenced presentation sessions, panel discussions and workshops across 19 tracks that showcased the work of 200+ presenters and two Featured Events.

Conference attendees, presenters, and exhibitors were encouraged to provide feedback to TAC through an online survey. This article highlights the results of the 2021 TAC Conference feedback surveys and evaluates multiple aspects of the conference and exhibition.

Highlights from Delegate Survey Results

Response rate: 124 responses or 13%  

Attendees responded favorably about their participation at the 2021 TAC Conference & Exhibition, providing an average of 7.3/10 for their overall experience.

93% described their conference experience as what they expected, better than expected or much better than expected. This improved 9% compared to survey results from 2020.

91% indicated having a neutral, good, or excellent experience with the Conference Event Portal website where they “attended” the conference.

96% described the value for money of the conference registration fee as either neutral, good or excellent.

Highlights from Presenter Survey Results

Response rate: 35 responses or 12%  

Of the 35 survey responses, 79% identified as having presented ‘live’ during the conference.

91% respondents said they were very satisfied or somewhat satisfied with the presentation delivery platform.

97% indicated they received clear instructions on how to deliver their presentation online.

86% described the training webinars for presenters as excellent or good.

88% would present again at a future TAC Conference, and an average rating of 8.49 was given for overall presenter experience.

Respondents offered feedback and comments about presenting at the 2021 TAC Conference & Exhibition.

Highlights from Exhibitor Survey Results

Response rate: 8 responses or 25%   

Due to the small sample size it’s difficult to know for certain whether the responses are fully representative of the group. Four respondents were also 2021 TAC sponsors and four were exhibitors only.

100% used the attendee contact list to engage with attendees.

62.5% said that their experience as an exhibitor was better than they expected it to be, and it matched expectations of the remaining three.



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