Funding Partners Needed for TAC Technical Projects

Friday, January 29, 2021

TAC is seeking partners for nine technical projects to be conducted through its pooled-fund model. Click on any project title below for more detailed information, and contact TAC if your agency would like to contribute to a project and join its steering committee. Projects that do not find adequate funding within 12 months may be withdrawn or extended by the responsible council.

Non-Standard Pavement Markings for Crosswalks

This project will research non-standard pavement markings for crosswalks (e.g. rainbow crosswalks) including their impacts on driver perception and recognition, road user distraction, slip and skid resistance, and recognition by automated driving systems.

Safety, Design & Operations Council

80% funded  LAUNCHING SOON

Mobility Pricing Opportunities and Challenges

This project will identify how mobility pricing can contribute to the performance of urban transportation systems in Canada, and will address shared policy priorities, recent technological advances, emerging business models, and observed shifts in consumer preferences.

Mobility Council

76% funded  LAUNCHING SOON

Permissive and Protected Turn Signals

This project will investigate innovative permissive turn signal applications, such as the use of flashing yellow arrows on one-way arterial streets where left-turning vehicles cross two-way separated cycling facilities.

Safety, Design & Operations Council


Assessing and Mitigating Transportation Noise and Vibration

This project will identify current Canadian practices for noise and vibration assessment and mitigation, review costing tools, decision-making criteria, performance criteria and mitigation approaches, and suggest best practices. 

Environment & Climate Change Council


Measuring Transportation and Land Use Integration

This project will develop indicators for evaluating the integration of urban transportation and land use systems. It will synthesize best practices, suggest standardized metrics, discuss data sources, and give example applications for Canadian cities.

Mobility Council


Access Management

This project will synthesize current access management practices for all roadway classifications across Canada, and will provide the technical basis for a subsequent project to create a new Chapter 8 of the Geometric Design Guide for Canadian Roads.

Safety, Design & Operations Council

13% funded  4 MONTHS LEFT

Maintaining and Repairing Small Culverts

This project will develop a technical guide explaining maintenance and repair interventions for small culverts (i.e. those with a diameter smaller than about 3 m), which are less well documented than larger culverts. The guide will address all culvert materials but will focus on steel, concrete and HDPE as they are most common; it may also highlight technical differences among provinces and municipalities.

Infrastructure & Asset Management Council

1 funder  4 MONTHS LEFT

Road Safety Guide for Canada

This project will develop a major national guide to complement the Geometric Design Guide for Canadian Roads (GDG) and the Manual of Uniform Traffic Control Devices for Canada (MUTCDC). The guide will focus on engineering aspects while referencing the multi-disciplinary nature of road safety. It will consolidate, update and expand the knowledge contained in TAC’s Canadian Road Safety Engineering Handbook (CRaSH) publications developed over the last two decades. NOTE: Pooled funds will supplement base funding provided by TAC’s Board of Directors from the Association’s reserve funds.

Safety, Design & Operations Council

0% funded  10 MONTHS LEFT

Guide to Bridge Hydraulics, 3rd Edition

This project will update the current Guide to Bridge Hydraulics to include provisions related to climate change and to make it a more practical tool for bridge and hydrotechnical engineers. The current Guide includes only cautionary mentions of climate change, and the new Guide will be more robust in this area.

Infrastructure & Asset Management Council

0% funded  10 MONTHS LEFT