FAQs for Attendees

Some typical questions and answers are asked and answered below. If you still need help, contact us as follows:

Browsing and attending Conference sessions

Q: I missed attending a session. When will the recording of the session be available?

A: Recordings of sessions will be uploaded to the session's listing in the Conference Event Portal within a few days of its live streaming. Search or filter for the session you’re looking for, click on it in the list of sessions, then click the ‘play’ button (sideways triangle) in the middle of the video embedded in the session’s detailed description to watch the recording. The whole Conference Event Portal will remain active and available to attendees through to the end of March 2021 to view session recordings.

Here is a short demo for attendees on how to best navigate the conference sessions and partners. 

Q: How do I see the list of Conference sessions? 

A: If you’re on TAC’s website, the best place to go for the list of sessions in various formats, is the Program page of the Conference section. In the online list of sessions, the list in the Program>Sessions tab is in order by ‘track’; the list in the Schedule tab defaults to chronological (list view) but also has views by ‘track’ and ‘format’.

In the Conference Event Portal (available to attendees only), go to the ‘Sessions / Séances’ section. (It may take a few seconds to load.) The list of sessions, in chronological order, will appear at the left, and the details of the selected session will show in the main window.

Q: The list of Conference sessions is long! How do I make it easier to use?

A: On the Program page of the Conference section of TAC’s website, there are a few options. You can print the PDF version that’s colour-coded by track and date. In the online list of sessions, the Schedule tab defaults to chronological (list view) but also has views by ‘track’ and ‘format’.

In the ‘Sessions’ tab of Conference Event Portal, locate the ‘Search’ and ‘Filter’ boxes over the list of sessions. You can type a keyword in the ‘Search’ box or filter by track, format, date or presenter.

Q: Can I create and save a list of sessions that I want to attend?

A: Conference attendees can save sessions they’re interested in attending by clicking on the ‘+’ symbol beside an event title. Once you’ve saved sessions this way, you can also filter the list of sessions by ‘Personal Schedule’ in the Event Portal to see your list of saved sessions. Once you click on a specific session in the list, you can view it's full details and click 'Add to Calendar' to save a meeting reminder in a variety of calendar formats. 

Q: Explain to me how sessions work.

A: Most sessions include 3 or 4 different presentations. These are listed on TAC’s website and in the Conference Event Portal for attendees. The different presentations within a session will be delivered in the same order as they’re written in the listings.

Attendees join the session by finding it in the Event Portal and following the instructions in the answer of the next question. Each session starts with a few minutes of housekeeping and an introduction of the session. A typical presentation lasts 25-26 minutes, and is comprised of the presenter introduction, the presentation itself (most often in a pre-recorded format) and the live Q&A session between attendees and the presenter.

Q: When it’s time to attend a live session, what do I do to join?

A: You can watch our brief video demo of how to attend a session. To attend a session, attendees must login to the Conference Event Portal with their email and password. Next, open ‘Sessions / Séances’ in the menu, locate and click on the session so its details appear in the main window. A few minutes before start-time, the video feed in the session main window will change to a very simple registration form.

Enter the information requested in this registration form and click ‘Register’. If you already have GoToWebinar software on your computer, a new window will open and the session will begin. If you don’t have GoToWebinar software installed, try to install it before the Conference starts by visiting GoToWebinar’s ‘Download’ page. Note that the volume of recorded presentations is often reduced compared to the volume of a live voice. Be prepared to turn your computer’s volume up to listen to the recordings.

Q: When I click the ‘Sessions / Séances’ menu item in the Conference Event, it can take a bit of time to load. Is this working?

A: Yes, there’s a lot of information about Sessions, so it takes a few seconds to load. You may notice when you click on a new menu item, that the notifications symbol (shaped like a bell) at the top right turns into a spinning circle while the new content loads.


Attending the Conference & using the Event Portal

Q: I’ve registered for the Conference. How do I ‘attend’?

A: The week before the Conference starts, we’ll send all attendees an email inviting them into the Conference Event portal. Keep this email since it includes the link to the event and your password to login!

Q: Can I change my Conference Event password? It’s really hard to remember!

A: Unfortunately, at this time, you can’t change your own password to login to the Conference Event. If you misplace your welcome email that provides the link and your password, contact TAC at secretariat@tac-atc.ca and we can quickly resend you the welcome email.

Q: How do I add my picture and contact information to my attendee profile?

A: When you first login to the Conference Event Portal, you’ll be in the ‘Lobby’. Click on the ‘Account / Compte’ menu item where you can edit and complete information about yourself, including a bio, social media accounts, and various permission settings for notifications you do and don’t want to receive. You can also upload an image file for your profile picture.

Q: What are the icons at the far right side of the Conference Event Portal for?

A: The icon shaped like a bell with the red circle is where you pick up your notifications. For example, if someone has initiated a chat with you, you’ll have a notification waiting.

The bubble with the dots and the number beside shows the number of comments that have been left in the Public Chat area for the selected page. To leave a comment in the Public Chat (everyone visiting that page will see it – hence ‘Public’), type your comment in the Chat box at the bottom right of the page.

The crowd icon with the number beside it shows the number of attendees currently browsing the selected page. Click on the icon to see the names of these people.

Interacting with Conference Partners


Q: How do I learn about the Conference Partners and interact with them?

A: All of the Conference Partners are listed in ‘Partners / Partenaires’ on the Conference Event Portal. The list starts with the largest partnership level, and is listed in reverse alphabetical order within each level. Attendees can scroll the full list of Partners, and click on the organization name to view its details. The list is long, so it’s helpful to search or filter the list. The Partner reps / ‘booth staff’ are listed under the main graphic and above any uploaded files and descriptions. Here is what a Conference Partner profile looks like and how attendees can use it.

Q: How and when can I ‘live chat’ with the Conference Partners?

A: Attendees are asked to visit the Partner profiles and ‘live chat’ with ‘booth staff’ Sept 24 AND Oct 1 from 12:30 to 15:00 ET. The Conference Event Portal allows booth staff to be ready and waiting with their video camera on by clicking ‘Live / En direct’ at the top of their profile, and clicking the webcam icon the left of the microphone icon, turning it green to activate their video feed. When attendees who also click ‘Live / En direct’, and also click their webcam icon to turn it green/on, can join a Partner rep, along with a few others, to talk and ask questions by video chat. (See the screenshots below.) If an attendee or Partner want to video chat live at other times in the event, they can arrange a time to meet in the Partner profile anytime during the Conference.

Q: What are the Partner demo sessions and how do they differ from the ‘live chats’?

A: Some Partners are providing presentations about their products, services or particular projects they’ve been involved with as part of a demo session, Sept 24 AND Oct 1 from 13:00 to 14:30 ET, during the middle of the time for the ‘live chats’. This is meant to encourage attendees to spend these times getting to know the Conference Partners by EITHER chatting with them or watching a demo session. Check the Conference schedule for demo session details.

Q: What about the other times in the Conference schedule, like between sessions? Will the Partner reps be available then?

A: Attendees are asked/encouraged to network with each other and/or visit the Partner profiles before or after sessions. However, there is no expectation that the Partner profiles will be staffed live daily, during those or other time periods. If you want to connect with a Partner rep, you can either leave a text chat directly with a ‘booth staff’ listed in the Partner profile, or leave a message via the ‘Request / Information’ button.  

Q: I don’t want to text or video chat with a Partner rep now, but want them to follow up with me later.

A: At any time when visiting a Partner Profile, attendees can click the ‘Request / Information’ button at the top of the Partner profile and send a message. These requests will be checked by the Partners when they’re able, in the ‘back end’ of their Partner profile. 

Networking with other attendees

Q: How do I see the list of other Conference attendees?

A: Go to the ‘People / Gens’ menu item in your Conference Event Portal. The list of other attendees who’ve agreed to be in the People list, via their ‘Account’ settings (toggled on for “Profile Visible in Networking Section”), will show. The list is shown alphabetical by first name. You can scroll the full list, search by name, or filter the list by attendee ‘tags’.

When you click on a specific person’s name in the list, you’ll see the profile information they’ve provided, like their photo, job title, organization, social media accounts, and their bio.

Q: How do I chat with someone?

A: To chat with someone while in ‘People’, click on the large blue ‘Start Chat’ button in their profile. A new dialogue box will open where you can type your private message to that person. When you’ve finished typing the message, click ‘Start Chat’ in the dialogue box. The person will have a notification waiting for them the next time they login to the Conference Event Portal, indicated by a number in the red circle beside the bell at the top right of the Event Portal.

All individuals that you’ve chatted with will show in the ‘Chats’ tab of the ‘People’ menu.

Q: How do I video chat with someone?

A: Video chats work only when both attendees are logged in to the Conference Event Portal. For a successful video chat, it may be best to pre-arrange a meeting time.

To start a video chat, you must have first chatted with them in the Conference Event by text. Find the person in the ‘Chats’ tab of the ‘People’ menu, and click on their name. In the main screen, you’ll see a large blue button, ‘Join Video Call’. When you click on it, a ‘Select Devices’ screen appears. Choose which microphone, camera, camera settings and speaker inputs to use for the call, and click ‘Join Meeting’.

Assuming that your chat partner is logged in to the Event, they’ll receive a notification to join you on a video chat.

To accept the video chat, the chat partner also visits the ‘People’ menu, and clicks on the initiator’s name in their own ‘Chats’ list. They click ‘Join Video Call’, select their devices and finally, click ‘Join Meeting’.

To share your video camera with the other person, you MUST click the camera icon above the message ‘Waiting for Video’ so that it turns green. When both people have joined the chat and turned on their cameras their video feeds will appear. They can share their screen by clicking on the button to the right of the ‘speaker’ button. To end the chat, click on the symbol at the top right of the video feed with the half square and arrow.

Q: What’s the difference between a Public Chat and a Private Chat in the Conference Event Portal?

A: The bubble with the dots and the number beside shows the number of comments that have been left in the Public Chat area for the selected page. To leave a comment in the Public Chat (everyone visiting that page will see it), type your comment in the Chat box at the bottom right of the page.

If you want to send a private message to a specific person you have a few options.

You may come across someone you’d like to meet while waiting for a session to start or on another page in the Event. You can see the list of attendees in the same place as you by clicking the crowd icon at the top right of each page in the Event. Once it’s selected, you’ll see the names of these attendees and can click on them in the list to send them a private text message.

There is a list of attendees in the ‘People / Gens’ menu item and you can message then as described above.

Finally, in the ‘Partners / Partenaires’ menu, when you select a specific Partner organization, you’ll see their ‘booth staff’. You can start a text chat with a specific staff by clicking on the ‘Start Chat’ button under that staff’s name.


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