Educational Achievement Award

Winner of the 2017 Educational
Achievement Award, Stantec Consulting Ltd.
for Project Management Boot Camps.
Left to right: Paul Lafleche, TAC President;
Gregg Cooke, Stantec Consulting;
Doug Boccabella, 3M Canada.

Past award winners


Subject Area

TAC's Educational Achievement Award recognizes outstanding contributions by a TAC organizational or individual member in education and/or training relating to an in-house or external program. The program should include one or more noteworthy elements of innovation, demonstrable payoff, widespread recognition, improved skills sets, improved practices, or provide the foundation for future and better business practices of members or the transportation community.

The establishment of this award reflects TAC's commitment to the importance of education and training. It is also meant to showcase outstanding achievements, to recognize those responsible and to provide an incentive for others in the transportation community.

Award Eligibility

Any TAC member may make a nomination by submitting an Abstract Form by December 4, 2017The abstract should demonstrate how the full submission will address the Educational Achievement Award evaluation criteria.

Submit Abstract Form

All nominees will be contacted by January 10, 2018. Those with approved abstracts will be invited to make a full submission to TAC prior to 15:00 EST on February 21, 2018.

Submit Full Nomination Form

Nomination Requirements

  • clearly describe the initiative;
  • explain innovative or unique contributions to education;
  • describe training within and/or external to the member's organization;
  • include key individual(s) involved and major tasks or activities;
  • outline outcomes and benefits, and
  • describe any other aspects considered to support the award.

Your February 21 full submission must:

  • consist of an electronic file in PDF format;
  • be no longer than twelve (12) pages of text on 8.5" x 11" sheets with size 12 font, and
  • attach supporting photos and diagrams as an appendix.

Review Procedures and Evaluation Criteria

A selection committee appointed by TAC's Education and Human Resources Development Council evaluates all submissions and makes recommendations to the Council, who provides final approval.

Each nomination will be evaluated on:

  • contributions made to the education/training of the people involved in the program;
  • degree of innovation in the approach and execution of the program;
  • payoff or benefits achieved, and
  • overall applicability to improved practices, better skills sets and to the Canadian transportation community as a whole.

Deadlines for the Educational Achievement Award

  • Abstracts to be submitted to TAC: December 4
  • Review Panel to complete screening of abstracts: December 19
  • Screening results to be communicated to nominees: January 10
  • Full submissions to be delivered to TAC: February 21 (prior to 15:00 EST)
  • Results to be communicated to finalists in June

Award Presentation

As a means of promoting education and training, finalists are expected to present their respective projects at the 2018 TAC Conference & Exhibition in Saskatoon, SK, September 30-October 3. Accordingly, these presentations will be included in the Conference Papers section of the website.


By submitting my abstract to TAC for consideration I understand that, if accepted, my submission will become the property of the Transportation Association of Canada (TAC), which is entitled to publish the final version. I also give distribution rights to my presentation post-conference.

I confirm that approval from my employer and/or client(s) has been received.  TAC reserves the right to pull a submission if it has been submitted on false premises. Any and all costs related to travel to the conference are the sole responsibility of the author.