Environment Council

The Environment Council provides a forum for government, industry and academia to discuss environmental issues and concerns related to, or affecting, the transportation sector.

Subjects under active discussion by the Council include: environmentally sound business and management practices, environmental impact avoidance and mitigation, environmental legislation, emerging trends, training and research, and monitoring progress in addressing environmental issues. The Council has also taken an active role on issues such as: environmental policy and code of ethics, environmental assessment procedures, road salt impacts and management, fish habitat protection, management of road construction and maintenance wastes, and monitoring and tracking new federal environmental legislation and revisions to statutes and regulations.

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Meetings of the Council are open to any interested parties and membership is by appointment of individuals from TAC member agencies and companies.

The Council currently has two standing committees:

The current Chair and Vice-chair of the Council are Shauna Lehmann and Ethan Askey, respectively.

Further information on Council activities can be found by browsing the TAC site or by contacting Craig Stackpole.

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