Climate Change Task Force

The Climate Change Task Force provides a forum for focussed discussion on the topic of climate change.

As the key provider of guidelines and best practices for the planning, design, construction, operation and maintenance of transportation infrastructure, TAC is beginning to incorporate climate change considerations, from both mitigation and adaptation perspectives, in all aspects of its work. Addressing climate change provides opportunities to improve our sustainable future and is critical to TAC's mission of promoting the provision of safe, secure, efficient, effective and environmentally and financially sustainable transportation services in support of Canada's social and economic goals.

The objectives of the Task Force are to:

  • Raise awareness of the importance of climate change and related issues amongst TAC councils, committees and membership.
  • Provide a coordinating role and leadership on the topic of climate change, to ensure that:
    • TAC councils and committees are not duplicating work by others within or outside the organization,
    • TAC councils and committees collaborate on their initiatives where it is beneficial to do so, and
    • Subject-matter gaps are addressed.
  • Advance the understanding of the importance of high quality climatic data
  • Highlight the economic implications of climate change
  • Address climate change in TAC products, especially technical guidelines and best practices.

The current Chair and Vice-chair are Peter Dzikowski and Clark Gunter respectively. The Task Force membership numbers 20, including representatives from each of TAC's councils and the Board of Directors, and additional federal, provincial and territorial representatives.

Further information on Task Force activities can be found by browsing this website or by contacting Craig Stackpole.

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