Chief Engineers' Council

The Chief Engineers' Council (CEC) provides a forum for information exchange amongst Canada's leading transportation professionals. The Council is comprised of the chief engineers from the TAC member federal, provincial and territorial departments of transportation and from ten of Canada's larger municipalities, along with appointed members from the private sector and other agencies.

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The Council is responsible for the development, approval, and maintenance of national technical transportation guidelines and best practices for the design, construction, maintenance and operation of the road infrastructure in Canada. The vision of the CEC is to be a centre of excellence and to foster innovation, technology transfer, training, research and development, highway safety, risk management, environmental sustainability and efficiency in the provision, operation and maintenance of the transportation infrastructure.

Meetings of the Council are open to any interested parties and membership is by appointment of individuals from TAC member agencies and companies.

There are currently seven technical standing committees of the Chief Engineers' Council:

The Asset Management Task Force also reports to the Chief Engineers' Council.

The current Chair and Vice-chair of the Council are Dirk Nyland and Angela Gardiner respectively.

Further information on Council activities can be found by browsing the TAC site or by contacting Geoff Noxon.

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