Sessions and Presentations Information

The information on this page is directed at presenters or others involved in presentations and/or sessions. Please read the information below carefully.

TAC Conference sessions will be a combination of live and recorded content. Presentation segments that are recorded will be played live at the scheduled session time, along with Q&A and discussion segments.

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About Conference Presentations

Presenters may either present live during their session or provide a recording of their presentation (instructions and training will be offered, see below) to be played during the session.

Live Presentations
This format allows presenters to present live in real-time and can ask participants poll questions or have other interactions DURING/THROUGHOUT the presentation. In this case, the presenter will provide TAC with a standard PowerPoint, saved as a ‘PowerPoint Presentation’ (.pptx) file.

Recorded Presentations
This format allows presenters to pre-record their presentation and minimizes possible disruptions to the successful running of the live sessions due to technical or Internet issues. In this case, the presenter would provide TAC with a recorded version of their PowerPoint presentation, saved as a MPEG-4 Video (.mp4) file no larger than 4 GB.

All presenters (live or recorded) must be present for the Q&A and discussion, held live.

There is basic information on on how presenters can record presentations using the ‘Record Slide Show’ function in PowerPoint.

People/Roles Involved in Sessions

All individuals in these roles must be registered for the Conference to be provided access to the Conference event portal and participate in the event. Everyone with a role in a session must have a functioning webcam. Contact the TAC Secretariat if you need help or clarification with registration.


TAC staff who will:
  • confirm all required presentations are received, ready, and cued
  • initiate the web-conference session
  • explain session housekeeping
  • play recorded presentations or switch screen control to any live presenters
  • end sessions on time

TAC volunteer committee members for sessions, panels & workshops and TAC staff for the Sponsor Demos, who will:

  • provide a brief topic intro
  • acknowledge and thank any session sponsor
  • introduce each presenter
  • facilitate the Q&A
  • facilitate exchanges during a panel discussion
  • help the organizer end the session on time

Those presenting in a session or Demo or participating in a panel discussion/workshop who will:

  • attend or review the session training webinar
  • prepare, save and provide their recorded presentation or regular PowerPoint by the assigned deadline
  • login to the conference portal to upload/complete their bio, handouts and other relevant information
  • practice their presentation, if presenting live
  • have a functioning webcam, set to maximize image quality (TAC will provide tips) and a headset or good quality microphone
  • attend the presentation and participates in the live Q&A

Session Roll-outs

90 minutes (2-3 presentations) or 120 minutes (4 presentations)

  • Staff, moderator and presenters login 20 minutes before official start time
  • Participants login 5 minutes before official start time
  • Start at scheduled time
  • 10 minutes welcome/housekeeping/topic introduction
  • 25 minutes TOTAL per presentation (includes presenter introduction(s), presentation, Q&A). The longer the presentation, the less time available for Q&A and vice versa.
  • 5 minutes closing remarks
90 minutes or 120 minutes

  • Staff, moderator and presenters login 20 minutes before official start time
  • Participants login 5 minutes before official start time
  • Start at scheduled time
  • 5 minutes welcome/housekeeping
  • 15-20 minutes per presentation (intro + recorded presentation + brief live Q&A)*
  • 25-40 minutes moderated live discussion & wrap up (moderator should prepare some questions in advance)*

*This is an example. The panel chair/moderator may provide more specific direction to panelists.
*Workshops may have a more specific outline to accommodate breakout & group discussions.

90 minutes (3 presentations) scheduled on Exhibition Day,  Wednesday Sept. 22

  • These will be run in the same fashion as the Presentation Sessions

Training Webinars

Presenters, panelists and moderators will be invited to training webinars, scheduled in August.  

Topics will include, but not be limited to:

  • How to participate as a presenter/panelist/moderator in the web-conference platform
  • Explain how to record a presentation with voice narration in PowerPoint, and save the result as an MPEG-4 (*.mp4) file
  • How attendee questions will be handled
  • How moderators can assist the presenters, how Q&A will be handled and participate in the presentation.

Final Presentation Materials & Deadlines

All final presentation materials (see lists below) are due:

If you present September 20-24 no later than September 9
If you present September 27-October 1 no later than September 16
For Presenters doing Live Presentations For Presenters providing Recorded Presentations
  • Regular PowerPoint, saved as a ‘PowerPoint Presentation’ (.pptx)
  • Any ‘poll’ questions that need to be asked to session attendees, saved as a Word Document (.docx) file
  • 2-3 prepared sample questions, that will be provided to the session moderator, saved as a Word Document (.docx) file
  • Presenter bios (previously provided during submission process)
  • Recorded presentation, saved as an MPEG-4 (.mp4) video file (720p resolution, max 4GB, recorded using a headset with mic)
  • 2-3 prepared sample questions, that will be provided to the session moderator, saved as a Word Document (.docx) file
  • Presenter bios (previously provided during submission process)
Complete on your Presenter Portal:
  • Handouts of the slides or any other materials you wish to provide to session and/or conference attendees, saved as PDF (.pdf) files

How to Submit your Final Materials

All final presentation materials must be upload to your account on TAC’s online conference submission portal.

Please submit all files using TAC’s suggested file name convention.

File Name Format: Session code_Presenter Last name+first initial_presentation(OR)sample-questions(OR)poll-questions(OR)handouts.file format


  • RS1_ANDERSENE_presentation.mp4
  • RS1_ANDERSENE_presentation.pptx (live presenters only)
  • RS1_ANDERSENE_sample-questions.docx
  • RS1_ANDERSENE_poll-questions.docx (live presenters only)
  • RS1_ANDERSENE_handouts.docx

Session Code must be used without a period ie. RS1, RS2, RS3 etc.

Sponsor Demo Presentations
File Name Format: Session code_Demo_Company name.file format

Questions? Contact:

Christina Ghazal, Meetings and Events Coordinator
613-736-1350 ext. 236



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