Preparing for your TAC Conference Session

The information on this page is directed primarily at presenters and others involved in providing Conference sessions. Please read the information below carefully.

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About Conference Sessions

TAC Conference sessions are either presentation sessions, panel discussions or workshops. They are organized into tracks aligned with TAC’s councils and committees.

  • Presentation Sessions: Submissions received and accepted through TAC’s Call for Submissions are presented.
  • Panel Discussions & Workshops: Organized by TAC Council & Committee members, panel discussions include moderated discussion among invited panelists; workshops feature breakout discussions and/or group exercises with one or more invited presenters.

Session Roles

Someone presenting in a session or participating in a panel discussion or workshop who:

  • prepares, saves and provides their final presentation materials to TAC (see list below)
  • logs in to the Conference submission portal to provide their bio, presentation, handouts and any other presentation materials
  • practices their presentation
  • presents at the Conference in person

TAC committee member who:

  • provides a welcome, housekeeping, and introduction to the session
  • acknowledges and thanks any session sponsor
  • introduces each presenter
  • facilitates the Q&A/exchanges during a panel discussion
  • facilitates breakout and group discussion during a workshop
  • ends the session on time

Employee of a Conference Host organization who:

  • helps presenters and moderators run through the pre-session checklist
  • provides general support to all attending the session
  • takes session attendance
  • helps the moderator end the session on time

Session Roll-outs

Presenters, moderators and session volunteers are asked to arrive 20 minutes before the official start time to:

  • Familiarize themselves with the room set-up and technology (see below under On-site Information)
  • Confirm all presentations are uploaded to the laptop in session room
  • Run through the pre-session checklist

These describe the typical scenario for each type of session.

90 minutes (2-3 presentations) or 105 minutes (4 presentations)
  • Start at the scheduled time
  • 5-6 minutes welcome/housekeeping/topic introduction
  • 25 minutes* TOTAL per presentation (includes presenter introduction(s), presentation, Q&A). The longer the presentation, the less time available for Q&A and vice versa.
  • Wrap up and closing remarks**
90 minutes or 180 minutes, excluding breaks
  • Start at the scheduled time
  • 5-6 minutes welcome/housekeeping/topic introduction
  • 15-20 minutes per presentation (intro + presentation + brief Q&A/discussion)***
  • 25-40 minutes moderated discussion and wrap up. The moderator should prepare some questions in advance.***
  • Wrap up and closing remarks**
90 minutes or 180 minutes, excluding breaks
  • Start at the scheduled time
  • 5-6 minutes welcome/housekeeping/topic introduction
  • The format of each workshop is unique, but will include both full group and break-out group discussions
  • Wrap up and closing remarks**

*The length of time available for the Q&A depends on the amount of time taken by the presentation; a 15-minute presentation leaves 10 minutes for Q&A and a 20-minute presentation leaves only 5 minutes for Q&A.

**After ALL of the presentations and Q&As, the moderator may ask additional questions (time permitting) as well as thank key participants, session sponsors and make summative and closing remarks. The moderator will end the session on time, with the help of the volunteer.

***Examples only. The moderator may provide more specific direction to panelists.

Training Webinars

Two Zoom webinars for session moderators, presenters, and panelists will be provided. Topics will include:

  • Session roles and responsibilities
  • Types of sessions and roll-outs
  • How to access or upload final presentation files
  • On-site information including room set-up, technology and more

Participants will have the opportunity to ask questions to Christina Ghazal, TAC’s Meeting and Events Coordinator and webinar host.

Available in English only; webinars are recorded. If you cannot attend, a link to the recording will be posted on this page. 

Monday, September 19  | 1:00 EDT

Tuesday, September 20  | 1:00 EDT

Session recordings are now being managed through the audio-visual technicians of the Conference. Session Moderators DO NOT need to manage the session recordings that were originally planned for.

Final Presentation Materials & Deadlines

Final presentation materials (see list below) are due September 22 and MUST be uploaded to the presenter’s account on TAC’s submission portal.

  • Regular PowerPoint, saved as a ‘PowerPoint Presentation’ (.pptx). Presenters should bring a copy of the final presentation on a USB as backup.
  • Paper (for sessions that require papers), saved as a PDF file (.pdf)
  • 2-3 sample questions (not applicable for panels/workshops) that will be provided to the session moderator, saved as a Word Document (.docx) file
  • Presenter bios should have been provided at the time of completing your submission
  • Handouts of the slides or other materials you wish to provide to attendees, saved as PDF (.pdf) files

Submit all files using TAC’s file naming convention. File Name Format: Presenter last name+first initial_title_version#.file format


  • RS1_GhazalC_presentation title_version#.pptx
  • RS1_GhazalC_paper title_version#.pdf
  • RS1_GhazalC_sample-questions.docx
  • RS1_GhazalC_handouts.pdf

Session Code must be used without a period ie. RS1, RS2, RS3 etc.

Tips for Preparing Your Presentation

  • Present the material as it was proposed in your submission.
  • Prepare your presentation so that your ideas are logically organized and your points are clear.
  • Typical guidelines for preparation include planning one visual per minute and limiting the content to one idea per visual.
  • Rehearse your presentation. If your presentation runs longer than the allotted time, eliminate the least essential material and rehearse again.
  • Use the microphone provided and speak toward the audience and project your voice as if you are talking in a mid-sized conference room.
  • Be considerate of other presenters and the audience by staying within your allotted time. Volunteers will signal a 5-minute warning and when time is done.

On-site Information

Presenter Schedule

Presenters will be notified about the specific timing of their presentation within the session in early August. The Technical Program provides the schedule of sessions.

Registration and Badge Pick-up
All individuals involved in Conference sessions must register for the Conference. Learn more about registration details and fees. Upon arrival to the Edmonton Convention Centre, pick up your badge at registration on the Assembly Level.
Room Set-up and Technology
  • Presentation Sessions will have a screen, projector, laptop, podium with microphone and a floor microphone for audience questions. The presentation laptop at the podium will record the presentations and the presenters’ voice and image. Presenters MUST remain at the podium when presenting to capture their voice from the podium microphone and image from the laptop camera.
  • Panel Discussions will have a screen, projector, laptop, podium with microphone, floor microphone, head table for panelists and tabletop microphones. The presentation laptop at the podium will record any presentations and the presenters’ voice and image. A tri-pod camera and the tabletop microphones will record discussion among panelists. Panelists MUST remain at the podium when presenting to capture their voice from the podium microphone and image from the laptop camera.
  • Workshops will have a screen, projector, laptop, podium with microphone and round tables for discussions. Workshops are not being recorded.

Presenters MUST use the laptop provided in the session room to present their presentation.

Final Presentation Files>

Final presentation materials MUST be uploaded to presenter’s accounts on TAC’s submission portal by September 22. TAC will pre-load presentations to the session room laptop. Presenters are asked to arrive 20 minutes before their session starts to ensure their presentation is ready.

Simultaneous Interpretation

Simultaneous interpretation (French to English) will be provided for presentations delivered in French, when TAC has been advised of this in advance.

Speakers’ Breakfast

Presenters and moderators are invited to the Speakers’ Breakfast on the morning of their presentation to meet each other and review any last-minute details. Invitations will be sent in early September.

Location:    Edmonton Convention Centre, Pedway Level, Riverview Room

Date/time:   Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday | 7:00-8:30

Speaker Ready Room

Presenters and moderators can access the Speaker Ready Room during the conference to review or practice their presentation. If any last-minute edits are made to the presentation, the presenter must upload the final version in the session room.

Location:        Edmonton Convention Centre, Meeting Level, Salon 7    

Date/time:       Sunday | 12:00–16:00        Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday | 7:00–16:00

Questions? Contact:

Christina Ghazal, Meetings and Events Coordinator  |  613-736-1350 ext. 236


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