Wireless CCTV for Remote Arterial Applications The Brock Road Incident Management System Case Study Region of Durham, Ontario

The Brock Road Incident Management System is an arterial-based incident and traffic management system that will deploy ITS components to improve safety and traffic flow on Brock Road in the Region of Durham, Ontario. Brock Road (Regional Road 1) is a key connector between Highways 401 and 407 ETR in the City of Pickering, east of Toronto. It is particularly sensitive to traffic disruptions on Highway 401, which serves as the primary commuter route into the City of Toronto from the east. The Brock Road Incident Management System will employ arterial-based CCTV, responsive traffic control, automated incident detection, and an advanced traveller information system to improve monitoring and detection capabilities, coordination of services on Brock Road, and dissemination of critical information amongst subscribers and the public. The primary purpose of the Incident Management System is to ease the impacts of increased congestion caused by incidents on Highway 401 and on Brock Road. The first half of the paper reviews the intent of the arterial-based incident management system and the features it provides (responsive control, ATIS, CCTV, etc.). The second half of the paper focuses on the ‘lessons learned’ in the application of wireless CCTV technologies for the rural portion of this incident management system. Challenges in coordinating the actions and facilities of the local telecommunications providers, combined with long wireless links and problematic set-ups to make a wireless solution inappropriate given the proposed schedule and budget. The paper demonstrates how to identify the full costs and potential risks associated with wireless applications. The paper concludes with a summary of the lessons learned in Durham’s consideration of a wireless CCTV solution for arterial incident / traffic management systems.


Loane, G
MacKay, D

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Traffic Operations & Management Standing Committee





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