Development of a Geotechnical Asset Management Program for the New Brunswick of Transportation and Infrastructure

A large portion of highways in New Brunswick are adjacent to streams, rivers, lakes, and ocean waters. Erosion and instability can occur due to shifting water ways, ice scour, and sea level rise. Geotechnical assets affected by these environmental conditions could not be efficiently managed using traditional methods. During the summer of 2017, a Geotechnical Asset Management (GAM) program was developed by the New Brunswick Department of Infrastructure (NBDTI) and the Université de Moncton (UdeM). The purpose of the GAM program is to catalogue the geotechnical assets and their conditions, and prioritize repair efforts. Over 400 km of road within New Brunswick was selected for the trial. All embankments along these routes were evaluated and ranked according to their condition. It was concluded that the GAM method for collecting geotechnical data was effective when comparing conditions of many sections of embankments along roadways that are experiencing erosion or instability of the road embankment.


McGinn, J.
Dupuis, S.T.
Goguen, P.
Parsons, R.

Session title

Innovations in Asset Management


Asset Management Task Force







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