Submission Agreement

By participating in the Transportation Association of Canada (TAC) Call for Conference Submissions, I agree that:

  • My submission is provided with the knowledge and approval of my employer and/or related client(s). I understand that TAC reserves the right to exclude a submission from the conference if it has been submitted under false pretenses.
  • All costs related to participating in the 2022 TAC Conference & Exhibition are my sole responsibility.
  • I assign TAC the right to publish and distribute the final version of all abstracts, papers, presentations and posters submitted. Authors may share or distribute their final paper, as long as it is the same version that was provided to TAC, and is published on TAC’s website and catalogued in TAC’s Library.
  • TAC may record, edit or otherwise reproduce my voice/image and my onscreen presentation (“Authorized Material”) at the 2022 TAC Conference & Exhibition, and use it in various formats or manners as it sees fit. Complete copyright ownership of the Authorized Material, including the unlimited right to reproduce or edit (not alter) it in any manner whatsoever, is granted to TAC in perpetuity. No monetary or other claims will be made against TAC for the use of the Authorized Material, and I waive any right to inspect or approve a finished product wherein my voice and my image appear.


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