2020 Program

Over 1,100 leaders and influencers from municipalities, provincial/territorial transport departments, academia, and the private sector participated in the 2020 TAC Conference & Exhibition!

2020 TAC Conference delegates can access session recordings here (login required)

Access to recordings and the conference event portal continues until May 31, 2021.

The 2020 TAC Conference & Exhibition featured more than 85+ sessions across 16 tracks, showcasing the work and experience of 300+ presenters.

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Here is a list of sessions, organized into tracks (in orange). 

(PS=Presentation Session | LS=Lightning Session | PD=Panel Discussion)

Asset Management (AM)

Asset Management and Road Safety (PS)

Innovations in Asset Management (PS)

Transportation Asset Management—Experience from the World Road Association (PD)

Climate Change (CC)

Acting on Climate Change: Lightning Session (LS)

Low Carbon Construction: Examining Targets, Tools, Tracking and Materials (PD)

Environment (EN)

Environmental Achievement Award Finalists (PS)

Environmental Compliance Management During Construction (PS)

Going for Gold! Using the Envision Sustainability Performance Framework (PD)

Invasion Collaboration: Working Together to Combat Invasive Species (PS)

Geometric Design (GD)

Advances in the Safe Design/Operation of Roundabouts (PS)

Complete Streets: How to Design Safely for all Modes (PS)

Designing Interchanges and Major Facilities to Improve Safety (PS)

Incorporating Geometric Design Exceptions while Maintaining Safety (PS)

Maintenance & Construction (MC)

Best Practices in Safe Operation of Highway Networks (PS)

Journey to Safer Utilities in our Roads (PS)

Safety Innovations in Delivery of Summer and Winter Maintenance (PS)

Mobility Management (MM)

Cycling Solutions: Overcoming Challenges and Barriers (PS)

Emerging Issues in Urban Transportation: Examining the Public Interest in New Mobility (PS)

Engaging with Communities for Better Transportation Projects (PS)

Mind the Gap: Pedestrian and Cyclist Data Collection in Practice (PD)

Sustainable Urban Transportation Award Finalists (PS)

Pavements (PV)

Innovations in Pavement Management, Engineering and Technologies (PS)

Practical Applications of ME Pavement Design (PD)

Road Safety (RS)

Emerging Topics in Road Safety (PS)

Engaging the Political Level Effectively in Road Safety (PD)

Low-Cost and Rapid Deployment of Road Safety Improvements (PS)

Safety and Micro-Mobility (PD)

Strategic Road Safety Plans and Policies (PS)

Road Safety Engineering Award Finalists (PS)

Vision Zero and Safe Systems in the Canadian Context (PS)

Small Municipalities (SM)

Complete Streets in Small Municipalities: Accommodating All Users (PS)

Soils & Materials (SO)

Green Technology in Geotechnical and Materials Engineering (PS)

Innovation in Geotechnical and Materials Engineering (PS)

Responsible Use of Reclaimed Asphalt Pavement in Asphalt Mixes (PD)

Testing and Modeling of Road and Embankment Materials (PS)

Structures (ST)

Transportation Structures (PS)

Technology (TE)

CAV Pilot Deployments in Canada (PD)

CAV Readiness (Part 1): Road Infrastructure (PS)

CAV Readiness (Part 2): Digital Infrastructure (PS)

Lessons from the CAV Ecosystem: Learning from TAC's Partners (PD)

Transportation Finance (TF)

Governance of Seamless Transportation—Challenges and Approaches in a Time of Rapid Change (PD)

Mobility Pricing—So Much More than Revenue Generation (PD)

P3s for Major Transit Projects—Lessons Learned from across Canada (PD)

Traffic Operations (TO)

#Innovative Traffic Control (PS)

Temporary Measures: Construction Impacts and Managing Public Safety (PS)

Transportation Planning (TP)

Best Practices in Urban Transportation Planning (PS)

Goods Movement (PS)

Integrating Health and Transportation Planning (PS)

Transportation Demand Modelling (PS)

Workforce Development (WD)

Educational Achievement Award Finalists (PS)

Public Trust, Expectations and Social Customer Service (PS)