Use of Road-grade Recycled Plastics for Sustainable Asphalt Pavements: Overview of the Recycled Plastic Industry and Recycled Plastic Types

Monday, April 12, 2021 - 18:15

This report provides a comprehensive overview of the type, volume, and price of recycled plastics and their possible uses in asphalt. The report presents data, including recycling processes, prices of recycled plastics, annual production volumes and infrastructure capabilities. The content was informed by interviews with members of the plastics industry including associations, councils, material recovery facilities, plastic recyclers, and manufacturers. The interviews evaluated the current recycling situation in Australia and New Zealand, and identified bottlenecks, opportunities, and capabilities. This is the first report from a project (APT6305) which is examining the use of road-grade recycled plastics in asphalt pavements. The project is investigating the most suitable types of recycled plastics for incorporation into asphalt. In addition, new tests and methodologies will be developed to ascertain if the addition of recycled plastics in asphalt may produce any detrimental effects for the environment, the health and safety of the workers or impact the future recyclability of plastic-modified asphalt. This report can be downloaded from Austroads after free registration on the site:


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