Supporting Cloud Connected Road Users

Monday, July 11, 2022 - 18:00

Cloud connected road users (CCRUs) are travellers utilising information from portable and fixed in-vehicle devices to assist with trip planning, and warning and advice when travelling. This report examines various cloud connected road user data provision methods and practices in the EU, USA, Australia, and New Zealand to offer agencies guidance on how to manage, enhance, and deliver data to CCRUs. It describes the various business models that may be used by agencies to support the CCRU ecosystem; and the potential range of agency involvement across the key roles of CCRU data gatherer, data provider and data presenter that may be employed depending on the adopted business model for each data type. The report also offers advice on how to manage six key data function areas that are critical to supporting CCRUs, including managing data foundations, governing data, planning and designing data, enabling, and maintaining data, and using data; and, if a CCRU data presenter, managing cloud connected road user presentation products. Guidance is provided on the purpose, objectives, typical inputs and outputs, stakeholders, and tools that may be useful in delivering each function. This report serves as a basis for future support of more advanced cooperative and automated vehicles, since their requirements are expected to be extensions to the data, agency responsibilities, and functions detailed in this report. The full document is available for download o teh Austroads web site after creating a free account:



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