Optimizing Automatic Traffic Recorders Network in Minnesota

Friday, February 19, 2016 - 18:00

Accurate traffic counts are important for budgeting, traffic planning, and roadway design. With thousands of centerline miles of roadways, it is not possible to install continuous counters at all locations of interest (e.g., intersections). Therefore, at the vast majority of locations, MnDOT samples axle counts for short durations, called portable traffic recorder (PTR) sites, and obtains continuous counts from a small number of strategically important locations. The continuous-count data is leveraged to convert short-duration axle counts into average-annual-daily-traffic counts. This requires estimation of seasonal adjustment factors (SAFs) and axle correction factors at short-count locations. This project focused on developing a method for estimating SAFs for PTR sites. The full report can be downloaded at http://dotapp7.dot.state.mn.us/projectPages/pages/projectDetails.jsf?id=10791&type=CONTRACT


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