Multiple Sources of Safety Information From V2V and V2I: Redundancy, Decision Making, and Trust—Safety Message Design Report

Friday, February 5, 2016 - 16:00

This report is part of the Human Factors for Connected Vehicles (HFCV) research program, whose goal is to minimize driver workload by eliminating connected vehicle (CV) device-related distractions. The research described in this document is part of an effort to develop initial design guidance for vehicle-to-infrastructure (V2I) safety messages provided using driver-infrastructure interfaces and driver-vehicle interfaces. Existing HFCV research, in addition to research from related domains, was used to develop this preliminary design guidance. The target audiences for this information are CV system designers and other State transportation department personnel involved in the development and implementation of V2I applications that provide safety information. The design topics are divided into two sets. The first set is composed of general topics providing background information and covers issues that apply across multiple V2I applications. The second set includes topics focusing on specific V2I applications. The general objective of the guidance information is to assist in the coordination of V2I and vehicle-to-vehicle displays and messages to safely support driver information needs and decision making. This information may serve as a resource for the development of guidelines that address V2I system-related human factors design issues in future versions of NCHRP 600: Human Factors Guidelines for Road Systems. The report is available online at


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