Innovation and Best Practice in Performance Measurement and Transport Outcomes

Monday, November 30, 2020 - 15:15

Urban road performance metrics, indicators and benchmarks describe how our road assets (and transport systems) are functioning and operating. Indicators in particular are useful to understand how well our road assets are performing within the context of the road users’ (and societal) expectations. This enables agencies and authorities to manage investment and resources to address the areas of greatest need.

Austroads first developed National Performance Indicators (NPIs) to promote consistency in reporting of road performance across state transport agencies. Over time, however, the uptake of NPIs has diminished due to a misalignment with state agencies' own performance reporting needs, concurrently with the advent of new datasets and the increased value that these datasets provide. This report explores current national and international practices in urban road network performance reporting and investigates the NPIs current use and uptake.

This report documents consistent and commonly agreed practices in performance reporting, data management and performance indicators including a set of revised NPI’s. The recommendations and findings of the report are reflective of best practice, aligned to current and emerging state based needs, and considerate of the practicalities of data collation, management and processing.


This report can be downloaded from the Austroads web site after free registration at


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