Human-Electric Hybrid Vehicles: Implications of New Non-auto Mobility Options for Street Design and Policy

Monday, July 11, 2022 - 17:30

The objectives of this research are to address the following questions:  1) How will new non-auto mobility options (electric bicycles and other no-/low-power vehicles) impact speed dynamics on non-auto facilities and interactions among non-auto travellers? How are the speeds of vehicles and the perceptions of comfort for non-auto travellers influenced by the presence of electric-assist and microenvironment factors (path grade, facility design, season, other path users, etc.)?  2) Given these new non-auto mobility options, what transportation system policies, plans, and designs are needed to mitigate conflicts among non-auto modes? Is the Vancouver region ready to accommodate these new modes with existing infrastructure and policies? This report can be downloaded from the University of British Columbia Research o Active Transportation (REACT) web site at


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