Guide to Concrete Overlays (Fourth Edition)

Monday, May 30, 2022 - 18:15
This guide presents the basic principles that a pavement engineer needs to design and construct concrete overlays on existing asphalt, composite, and concrete pavements.
The intent of this guide is to increase the technical proficiency of experienced engineers in the use of concrete overlays, provide less experienced users with the essential knowledge to address the needs of various types of concrete overlay projects, and help all users recognize the versatility of concrete overlays, whether on low-volume roads, city streets, primary roadways, or Interstate highways. Rather than as a step-by-step manual or series of prescriptive formulae, the material in this guide is presented in the form of expert guidance meant to supplement the professional experience of the reader.
This fourth edition of the guide has been updated with current information on continuously reinforced concrete pavement overlays, geotextile separation layers, fiber reinforcement, concrete overlay design procedures, and lessons learned from the experiences of numerous state highway agency engineers. The full guide can be downloaded from the Iowa State University web site at


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