Fundamental Objectives of Road Design

Thursday, August 24, 2017 - 15:30

This report identifies improvements to guidance, education and practice to ensure the fundamental objectives of road design are achieved in new and existing road projects.

The report provides a foundational road design definition and a series of road design principles that it recommends be incorporated into the Austroads Guide to Road Design.

While the project concluded that the design guidance in Australia is technically sound, it recommended:

  • better educating designers and practitioners on the importance of road design objectives and how to achieve them
  • improving design development and evaluation guidance to enable designers to apply robust engineering judgment, value engineering, Safe System principles, and assess whole‑of‑life costs
  • providing evaluation tools to encourage the development and evaluation of multiple design solutions
  • adapting existing design practices including requiring practitioners to demonstrate how design solutions achieve the objectives of road design.

The report can be downloaded for free after registering on the web site:


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