Final Report Guidelines for Using Streetlight Data for Planning Tasks

Monday, April 6, 2020 - 13:30

The Virginia Department of Transportation (VDOT) has purchased a subscription to the StreetLight (SL) Data products that mainly offer origin-destination (OD) related metrics through crowdsourcing data. Users can manipulate a data source like this to quickly estimate origin-destination trip tables. Nonetheless, the SL metrics heavily rely on the data points sampled from smartphone applications and global positioning services (GPS) devices, which may be subject to potential bias and coverage issues. In particular, the quality of the SL metrics in relation to meeting the needs of various VDOT work tasks is not clear. Guidelines on the use of the SL metrics are of interest to VDOT.  

This study aimed to help VDOT understand the performance of the SL metrics in different application contexts. Specifically, existing studies that examined the potential of SL metrics have been reviewed and summarized. In addition, the experiences, comments, and concerns of existing users and potential users have been collected through online surveys. The developed surveys were primarily distributed to VDOT engineers and planners as well as other professionals in planning organizations and consultants in Virginia. Their typical applications of the SL metrics have been identified and feedback has been used to guide and inform the design of the guidelines. The report can be downloaded from


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