Effectiveness of Geotextiles/Geogrids in Roadway Construction; Determine a Granular Equivalent (GE) Factor

Monday, January 10, 2022 - 15:45

Geogrids have been widely used in roadway construction as reinforcement in pavement foundations. Geogrids have been effective in practice for reducing rutting damage, distributing traffic loads within the pavement foundation layers, increasing the resilient modulus of the base course, and stabilizing the subgrade layer. For this project, an integrated mobile accelerated test system (IMAS), an automated plate load test (APLT) device, and finite element simulation approaches were used to evaluate the effects of geogrid reinforcement. Test configurations were constructed by varying geogrid types (i.e., light-duty biaxial, heavy-duty biaxial, light-duty triaxial, and heavy-duty triaxial), geogrid locations in the base course (i.e., at the interface between the base and the subgrade or in the base course), and base aggregate thicknesses (6, 10, and 16 in) in the laboratory and in experimental field tests. The full report can be downloaded from the Minnesota Department of Transportation web site at https://www.dot.state.mn.us/research/reports/2021/202126.pdf


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