Contributing Factors for Focus Crash and Facility Types: Quick Reference Guide

Monday, January 18, 2021 - 20:15

This document serves as a quick reference guide for transportation professionals in State and local agencies that are interested in applying a systemic approach to road-safety management. This guide provides brief overviews of the systemic approach, common target crash types and their associated facility types, and contributing factors. It also provides a six-step process to identify countermeasures as well as lists and descriptions of specific countermeasures for common target crash types and facility types. The common target crash types, facility types, and contributing factors are based on an analysis of national and State data and serve as a quick reference for agencies interested in applying systemic safety approaches to these most common crash and facility types. Agencies can reference the contributing factors in this guide to help identify countermeasures and prioritize sites for systemic safety improvements. Agencies with sufficient data and analysis capabilities can also refer to the FHWA's Systemic Safety Project Selection Tool for discussions on how to analyze their own data to identify crash types, facility types, and contributing factors.  The report can be downloaded from the US Federal Haighway Administration web site at


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