Chicago Automated Speed Enforcement Camera Before and After Safety Impact Analysis

Monday, January 10, 2022 - 15:45

As of January 1, 2021 the City of Chicago has 162 automated speed enforcement cameras deployed at 69 child safety zones with 96 cameras enforcing speed in one direction of travel, and 66 cameras enforcing speed in both directions of travel. 85 cameras were deployed at 40 park zones; 77 cameras were deployed at 29 school zones. For this analysis, two single-direction cameras located in close proximity to each other (typically, opposite one another on either side of a roadway) were analyzed as a single location for consistency. A total of 106 locations, where a total of 149 speed enforcement cameras were deployed, are analyzed using crash data provided by the Illinois Department of Transportation. Twelve cameras (specified at the end of the table below) were activated in 2018. These 13 cameras are not part of this analysis, due to the lack of a full two years of “before and after” data. The purpose of this analysis is to gain insight into how traffic safety has changed in areas around the speed cameras, comparing the numbers of crashes before and after camera installation. This study is availabel from the City of Chicago web site at


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