Board of Directors Fall 2019 Meeting

Please find below the meeting agenda, including hyperlinks to background information provided for the fall 2019 meeting.

Tuesday, September 24 
Nova Scotia BCD Ballroom
Halifax Marriott Harbourfront Hotel
1919 Upper Water Street, Halifax, NS  J3J 3J5



Buffet Breakfast

8:00 1.    Introductions and Opening Remarks     Chair
8:10  2.    Review and Approval of Agenda    Chair

3.    Review and Approval of Draft Minutes    

a) April 2019 Meeting
b) August 2019 Teleconference


4.    Reports from Board Committees, Councils and Task Forces

a) Executive Committee                                                                       
b) Chief Engineers’ Council                                                           
c) Education and Human Resources Development Council     
d) Environment Council                                                                 
e) Urban Transportation Council                                                 
f) Connected and Automated Vehicles Task Force                  
g) PIARC CNC Governing Task Force                                      
h) Small Municipalities Task Force                                    


Chair, CEC
Chair, EHRDC
Chair, EC
Chair, UTC
Chair, CAVTF
Chair, CNC GTF
Chair, SMTF

10:00 Health Break  

  5.    Reports to the Board – Discussion/Decision Items                        

a) Operations Report and Performance Indicators
b) Emerging Issues from April 2019
c) New Council Terms of Reference
d) Council of Deputy Ministers Governance Review Update
e) Cash Management Policy
f) Allocations from Reserves


6.    Information Reports   

a) TAC Year-in-Review
b) Publications Status Report
c) Technical Projects Summary
d) Library Development Plan Project Report
e) CAV Discussion Paper
f) Status of Statutory Filings
g) Results of Annual Board Self-Assessment
h) TAC Foundation

Executive Director
11:00 7.    Calling the Annual General Meeting of Members and Adjournment   Chair
11:00-12:00 Transportation to Halifax Convention Centre (HCC) & Exhibition Tour  
12:00 Lunch in the HCC Ballroom  
1:45 Transportation back to Halifax Marriott Harbourfront Hotel & Annual General Meeting  
3:00 Board of Directors Official Photograph  
3:15 1.    Call to Order Chair

2.    Appointments   

a) Officers
b) Board-Council Liaisons

3:30 3.    TAC Board Forum: Nova Scotia’s P3 Highway Project    TBD
4:00 4.    Calendar of Events      Chair
4:10 5.    Other Business    All
5:00 6.    Adjournment     Chair
5:15-6:45 TAC and ITS Canada VIP Reception