Announcing TAC’s Technical Achievement Award Winners

Tuesday, May 26, 2020

The winners of four Technical Achievement Awards given by the Transportation Association of Canada (TAC) were approved during the recent Spring Technical Telemeetings. Congratulations to these deserving organizations, and thanks to the many others that submitted applications, as well as to the numerous volunteers who helped select this year’s winners.

TAC Educational Achievement Award

British Columbia Ministry of Transportation and Infrastructure

Highway Maintenance Contract Training Course

The Ministry’s performance-based approach to long-term contracts for highway maintenance encourages innovation, but requires a shared understanding and high level of trust between parties. To this end, the Ministry developed specialized training for staff and contractors to improve knowledge and skills, and to create positive working relationships. Using a variety of instructional techniques, more than 420 participants were successfully trained over 19 two-day sessions in 2018-19.

TAC Environmental Achievement Award

City of Ottawa, Ontario

Going Green by Seeing the Greens

Ottawa’s EcoDrive II project showed how connected vehicle technologies can help drivers reduce fuel consumption and emissions. City fleet vehicles were equipped to receive real-time traffic control information, and in-vehicle displays showed drivers how to adjust their speed and reach the next intersection during a green signal. Fuel savings averaged about 5%, representing significant financial and environmental benefits.



TAC Road Safety Engineering Award

British Columbia Ministry of Transportation and Infrastructure

Road Weather Information System and Variable Message Sign Integration

By combining road weather information system (RWIS) and variable message sign (VMS) technologies at seven rural highway locations, severe winter collisions have been reduced by more than 30%. Each location features one RWIS plus a VMS facing each direction. Weather and road conditions are analyzed every 15 minutes, and an algorithm selects an appropriate message to display for drivers.



TAC Sustainable Urban Transportation Award

City of Nanaimo, British Columbia

Nanaimo Goes Dutch

Nanaimo’s new Complete Street Design Guideline incorporates guidance on creating Dutch-style raised intersections (with continuous sidewalks and cycling facilities on the major street) where drivers use local streets to enter or exit neighbourhoods. Concurrent to the guideline’s development, it was tested and refined through the design of the Metral Drive Complete Street project, which (when constructed) will show Canadian communities an innovative way to enhance the priority and safety of walking and cycling.



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