TAC Environmental Achievement Award

This award recognizes a TAC member organization for outstanding contributions to the environment with respect to transportation services. Winners have contributed to the protection and enhancement of the environment, or have been particularly innovative in their approach to solving an environmental problem.

Submit an application

Application and Evaluation

TAC member organizations must submit an abstract by November 30 to be considered for the following year’s award. Short-listed finalists will be invited to submit a detailed application (maximum 7 pages of text plus 5 pages of photos and diagrams) by January 31.

Members of TAC's Environment and Climate Change Council will evaluate applications using the following criteria:

  • Contributions to the protection and enhancement of the environment, described as measures to retain or minimize diminution of the quality or value of ecological components (enhancement of the environment is defined as raising the quality or value of the environment that existed before the program or project; contributions can be expressed in terms of resource function, quantity, ecological diversity and/or economic benefits)
  • Degree of innovation in the approach used to solve or address an environmental problem or issue (may apply to anything from public and agency consultation to financing or "hard" environmental planning, design and construction/implementation)
  • Financial aspects of the initiative such as cost-effectiveness or innovation (applicants are strongly encouraged to include quantified costs as evidence)
  • Overall applicability to transportation, and the benefit of disseminating the technique or concept to other TAC members and the transportation community

Key Dates

  • November 30 – Deadline for abstracts to be considered for next year’s award
  • December 15 – Finalists selected and notified
  • January 31 – Deadline for detailed applications
  • May 1 – Winner announced


  • Each award will be the subject of a dedicated TAC webinar, where all finalists will present their initiatives. Detailed award applications will also be published through the TAC Library online catalogue.
  • Detailed applications become the property of TAC, which may publish and/or distribute them.
  • Submission of an abstract implies that approval from employer(s) and/or client(s) has been received; applications submitted without approval will be deemed non-compliant.

Previous Recipients

2020 City of Ottawa, Ontario
Going Green by Seeing the Greens


Regional Municipality of York
Bayview Corridor Project


Regional Municipality of York
2nd Concession Project


City of Toronto
Clean Roads to Clean Air Program


Ministry of Transportation, Ontario
Rt. Hon. Herb Gray Parkway – A Parkway in a Prairie


Ministère des Transports du Québec
Research and innovative practices with respect to pavement markings


Dillon Consulting Limited and the City of Ottawa
Terry Fox Drive, March Road to Kanata Avenue: Road Ecology Design Influences


Ministère des Transports du Québec
Drainage Management System in the Stoneham-Tewkesbury Section of the Highway 73/175 Reconstruction Project


Transportation Investment Corporation, a Crown agency of British Columbia Transportation and Infrastructure
Wilson Farm Habitat Enhancement Project at Colony Farm Regional Park


Ministère des Transports du Québec and Roche Ltée., Groupe-conseil
Environmental Monitoring Program for the Reconstruction of Highway 175 in the Laurentian Wildlife Reserve


Ontario Ministry of Transportation and Transport Canada
The Detroit River International Crossing Environmental Assessment Study


British Columbia Ministry of Transportation and Infrastructure
The Sea-to-Sky Highway Improvement Project


British Columbia Ministry of Transportation and Infrastructure
Kicking Horse Canyon Project


Nova Scotia Transportation and Public Works
Habitat Banking for HADD and Wetland Compensation: New Partnership Opportunities and Significant Environmental, Economic and Community Benefits


British Columbia Ministry of Transportation
Environmental Enhancement Fund: Achieving Environmental Sustainability for Transportation Infrastructure


City of Edmonton
Winter Street Sand Recycling Program


City of Hamilton
The Red Hill Valley Project - "More Than a Road"


Ministère des Transports du Québec
Controlling Highway Corridor Vegetation - The New Québec Approach


Calgary Transit
Ride the Wind! Project


Insurance Corporation of British Columbia
Partnerships in Winter Maintenance that Achieve Environmental and Cost Savings Benefits


Region of Ottawa-Carleton
Natural Habitat Reconstruction Associated with the West Hunt Club Roadway Realignment


Maritime Road Development Corporation
Fredericton-Moncton Highway Project 


Yukon Engineering Services Inc.
Reconstruction of the Robert Service Way


Stanley Technology Group
Edmonton High Level Bridge Rehabilitation Project


Regional Municipality of Durham
Thornton Road (Regional Road 52) Reconstruction and Widening and Goodman Creek Rehabilitation and Realignment Project


Hamilton Street Railway Company
Natural Gas Bus Demonstration Project