TAC Technical Achievement Awards: Application process, eligibility and conditions

Application process

November 30 – Deadline for applicants to submit abstracts (up to 750 words) to be considered for the following year’s awards. A panel of volunteers from the relevant TAC council and/or committees will evaluate the abstracts for each award.

December 15 – For each award, TAC invites up to four finalists to submit detailed applications.

January 31 – Deadline for finalists to submit detailed applications (up to 10 pages including text and graphics). A panel of volunteers from the relevant TAC council and/or committees will evaluate the detailed applications for each award, and recommend a winner to be confirmed by the council.

May – Award winners announced.


Eligible organizations – Applicants for an award must be a TAC member organization and the initiative’s principal owner (typically a public-sector organization). Joint applicants (e.g. two public agencies, or an agency and consultant) are discouraged unless the initiative is a true and equal partnership. Applicants may request acknowledgement of consultants and other project partners in the announcement of the award winner and other finalists.

Eligible initiatives – An initiative submitted for consideration must be substantially complete at the time of submission. An initiative that represents one element of a larger project may be submitted for consideration before the entire project is complete. Initiatives must be located in Canada.

Multiple submissions – A single initiative may be submitted for multiple awards if each application reflects a distinct perspective or element of that initiative (e.g. technology, safety, education).

Repeat submissions – An initiative may be submitted for consideration for the same award in two different years if it is not accepted as a finalist in the first year.


Webinar – Finalists for each award agree to present their initiatives during a TAC webinar.

Publication – Detailed applications submitted by award finalists become the property of TAC, and will be published through the TAC Library online catalogue.

Authorization – Submissions made by individuals without the consent of the appropriate eligible organization will not be considered.



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