2019 TAC Volunteer Contribution Awards and Acknowledgements

Tuesday, October 8, 2019

TAC couldn’t achieve its mission without the expertise and leadership of our 800 dedicated volunteers. The volunteers below were recognized in 2019.

TAC Leadership Award

This award recognizes individual volunteers who have provided continuous, effective leadership during 10 or more years of active participation on TAC councils and committees, and who have earned a reputation for dedication, collaboration, knowledge and integrity

Clark Gunter | WSP Canada

For more than 10 years, Clark has been a valuable contributor to TAC committees, technical projects and conferences. As a volunteer he has freely shared his technical knowledge, time and effort, and his advice is actively sought by colleagues. Since 2006, Clark has participated on the Environmental Advisory and Legislation Standing Committee, Environment Council, Joint Roundabouts Subcommittee, Climate Change Task Force, and Integrated Committee on Climate Change. He has been involved on several committee executives, including as chair, and has contributed to the organization and delivery of many TAC conference sessions, as well as a seminar and webinar. Clark remains a key force behind TAC’s work to strengthen the transportation sector’s consideration of environmental issues.

TAC Individual Contribution Award

This award recognizes individual volunteers who have exhibited notable levels of initiative, creativity, effort and/or technical excellence in making a shorter-term contribution toward the work of TAC councils or committees

Ania Anthony | Saskatchewan Highways & Infrastructure

Ania has been on the Executive of the Soils and Materials Standing Committee since 2013. She is also a member of the Pavements Standing Committee, where she co-authored a report on the impacts of wide base single tires on pavements. Ania has chaired the Project Steering Committees for Best Practices for Evaluating Soil and Material Stabilization Products, and the Guide to Load Management for Weak Pavement Structures. She is a trusted voice within TAC, representing the Saskatchewan perspective and investing her time and expertise in national conversations on pavements and road materials.

Adam Hayashi | formerly of the Cement Association of Canada

Adam has been an active member of the Education and Human Resources Development Council since 2012, where he has helped organize many conference panels, sessions and workshops. Most recently, he led preparations for the post-secondary student event at TAC’s 2018 conference in Saskatoon. Adam has also served as the Council’s liaison to the Integrated Committee on Climate Change since 2016, and was responsible for leading the exchange of information between those groups.

Shauna Lehmann | Saskatchewan Highways & Infrastructure

Shauna has been active on the Environment Council since 2012. She has been a member of the Climate Change Task Force, the Maintenance and Construction Standing Committee, and the Executive of the Environmental Issues Management Standing Committee. She is a strong champion of TAC’s collaborative platforms, having led the development of an online Issues Tracking Database. Shauna also played a key role in raising the profile of invasive species management within TAC through her leadership of a volunteer project and annual conference sessions.

Richard Tebinka | WSP Canada

Richard has volunteered on TAC committees since 1988, most recently on the Sustainable Transportation and Transportation Planning & Research Standing Committees. He has chaired technical sessions on the Sustainable Urban Transportation Award, and on parking at two recent TAC conferences. He has volunteered on technical projects looking at transit planning and public engagement, and has also reviewed scholarship applications for the TAC Foundation.


TAC Committee Excellence Award

This award recognizes excellence and innovation by TAC’s volunteer standing committees, subcommittees working groups and project steering committees with recipients contributing to TAC’s vision and mission through specific initiatives related to knowledge building, professional development, or member engagement

Road Safety Workforce Subcommittee of the Road Safety Standing Committee

Category: Professional Development & Knowledge Building

The Road Safety Workforce Subcommittee’s early work was essential to the development of the Road Safety Professional certification program by the Transportation Professional Certification Board. It has also researched road safety programs at Canadian universities and colleges, compiled educational and training resources, scanned organizational training practices, and developed a detailed pooled-fund project proposal for a webinar series that would provide comprehensive road safety training to practitioners.

Outgoing Chairs


  • Darlene Cleven, Education and Human Resources Development Council
  • Jean-François Gysel, Governing Task Force, Canadian National Committee of the World Road Association
  • Oliver Laser, Environment Council
  • Sabbir Saiyed, Urban Transportation Council

Project Steering Committees

  • Bill Biensch, Best Practices for Pothole Repairs in Canada
  • Walter Burdz, Bicycle Infrastructure in Canada: Safety Performance (Present & Future)
  • Sabbir Saiyed, Understanding Goods Movement: Trends and Best Practices
  • Sabbir Saiyed, Strategic Opportunities for Integrating Health and Transportation

Standing Committees

  • Tom Baumgartner, Joint Active Transportation Subcommittee
  • Shaun Bidulka, Geometric Design Standing Committee
  • Martin Hotte, Integrated Committee on Climate Change
  • Martin Hotte, Sustainable Transportation Standing Committee
  • Marta Juhasz, Pavements Standing Committee
  • Craig Milligan, Road Safety Standing Committee
  • Gary St. Michel, Asset Management Task Force
  • Sabbir Saiyed, Transportation Planning and Research Standing Committee

Retiring Board Members

  • Benoit Champagne, Ville de Montréal
  • Barry Day, formerly of Alberta Transportation
  • Jane Fraser, Halifax Regional Municipality
  • Wanda Richardson, formerly of AECOM Canada Ltd.