2018 TAC Conference & Exhibition | Delegate Feedback

We are grateful to the people who took the time to provide their feedback; the information collected has been very insightful and overwhelmingly positive.

We've compiled the feedback received about this year's TAC Conference. Here’s a snapshot of the highlights! TAC will be considering the comments and suggestions for future events.

Overall Conference Feedback

When delegates were asked to rate their overall impression of the 2018 Conference, most felt it was good or excellent.

68% of young professionals who attended the Conference said they attended to gain more subject matter expertise; while 16% said they attended for the business networking opportunities the Conference offers.

From those who attended the Conference for the first time in 2018, 41% identified business networking opportunities and 38% gaining more subject matter expertise as their primary reason for attending the Conference.

Other reasons for attending the Conference included presenting, receiving an award, or for the Fall Meetings.

30% of delegates said that attending the Conference made them more likely to access TAC’s products or services.

When asked if attending the Conference influenced how interested they are in becoming involved with TAC, 60% said they are more interested.

When asked if they will consider attending the 2019 TAC-ITSC Conference and Exhibition, an overwhelming 88% said yes.

Conference Technical Program

The technical program feedback was positive overall with the majority of respondents rating their technical program experience as either good or excellent. The technical tours, workshops and poster sessions were well received but not as well attended as the sessions and presentations, as show by the survey results.

Technical sessions and presentations were thoroughly enjoyed by survey respondents with 85% giving the presentations either a good or excellent rating. The technical sessions and presentations also had the highest attendance rate amongst delegates who responded.

General feedback from the survey showed that almost half of respondents did not attend a panel discussion, workshop, poster session or technical tour. Taking that into account, those who did attend, on average, gave a good to excellent rating overall.

Conference Events

Conference lunches were the most enjoyed event with the lowest did not attend rate.

The Monday night event at Remai Modern made a great impression on delegates, more than half of respondents gave it an excellent rating (54%).

The welcome reception had good to excellent reviews from those who attended, however 50% of respondents did not attend this event.

The W.H. Yeates Exhibition received good overall reviews as indicated by the survey results.

The Closing Dinner Party was also well received with the majority of delegates rating it excellent; however a high number of delegates did not attend this event.

Conference Tools

The conference app by far was the most utilized tool with 95% of respondents having used it, 82% of those respondents gave it a good to excellent rating.

The daily conference emails seemed to help delegates stay informed on Conference news; overall a good rating was seen.

The Poken was used primarily by those new to the conference and seemed to be popular amongst the young professionals group. However it wasn’t broadly used and received mixed reviews.Some reported that they weren’t permitted to connect it with their work computer. Or, they were disappointed that it doesn’t sync with iPhones or android devices.

Comments to Consider

The Opening Plenary format and content received positive reviews from delegates.

Delegates felt the poster session location should have been more prominent.

Some devices do not support the Conference app, so TAC needs to better explain how to use the online version.


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