Title:  Application Guidelines for Speed Display Devices
Publication code:  PTM-SDD-E

Application Guidelines for Speed Display Devices reflects best practices and provides guidance for speed display devices design and application in Canada. Developed through an extensive literature review, the Guidelines enable and encourage uniformity in the application of devices, and are best used in conjunction with the Manual of Uniform Traffic Control Devices for Canada (MUTCDC). They provide the practitioner with general guidelines, criteria, considerations and viable options upon which to build jurisdiction-specific policies and standards.

Dynamic speed display signs are being used in jurisdictions across Canada. The devices display the speed of passing vehicles, typically alongside the posted speed limit. Intended to increase driver awareness of speed limits and to provide instant feedback to motorists about the speed being travelled, the devices are an effective speed-reduction tool.

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Année:  2017
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Publication date:  Mercredi, 6 Décembre, 2017
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