Technical Tours

As tours will operate rain or shine, participants are asked to dress accordingly. Unless otherwise stipulated, comfortable walking shoes are recommended. All tours are covered by conference registration fees. Duration times listed for each tour are estimates. Participants are asked to arrive at the TAC information booth located at the Sheraton Centre Toronto at least 15 minutes prior to scheduled departure times. Those on a waiting list should also be present.

TAC than​ks the following sponsor for their support of the Technical Tours.

TOUR A – 401/10 Highway Maintenance Patrol Yard

TOUR A-1 – Monday, September 26 – 13:45
TOUR A-2 – Tuesday, September 27 – 08:30

Highway 401 and 10 Patrol Yard is one of six highway maintenance patrol yards that service the Peel/Halton area, as well as 65 of the Ministry of Transportation of Ontario’s (MTO) 120 winter trucks, including plows, tow plows and spreaders. This state-of-the-art green garage facility, constructed in accordance with LEEDS requirements and opened in 2011, has indoor heated bays and a sheltered “hot roof” for equipment storage. Participants will visit the facility and view a wide range of modern highway maintenance equipment.

TOUR B – 407 ETR (Express Toll Route)

TOUR B-1 – Monday, September 26 – 13:45

The 407 ETR was the first all-electronic toll highway in North America. This presentation and tour will provide an overview of the highways significant growth (extensions, expansions, and increases in usage) since 1999 and implementation of the technologies that provide efficient and effective toll highway services and accurate and timely operations. The tour will include a guided tour of 407 ETR’s back office operations, where participants will have an opportunity to witness the technology on 407 ETR’s Test Gantry and roadside unit located onsite.

TOUR C – City of Toronto Complete Streets

TOUR C-1 – Monday, September 26 – 13:45
TOUR C-2 – Tuesday, September 27 – 08:30
TOUR C-3 – Tuesday, September 27 – 13:45
TOUR C-4 – Wednesday, September 28 – 08:30

This walking tour will focus on complete streets planning with a focus on implementation of accessibility (AODA), wayfinding, infrastructure and design related to active transportation in Toronto. The tour will allow participants to speak with staff involved in both policy and implementation on a number of projects within half a mile of the Sheraton Centre. Highlights will include rebalancing the right-of-way for purposes of wider sidewalks and bike lanes, Toronto 360 (new wayfinding program), new lane widths and tactile walking strips, and a tour of Market Street (Toronto's first flexible street). Participants will also experience street redevelopment at Union Station including all new material standards and traffic operations considerations.

TOUR D – City of Toronto Cycling Strategy and Infrastructure by Bike

TOUR D-1 – Monday, September 26 – 13:45
TOUR D-2 – Tuesday, September 27 – 13:45
TOUR D-3 – Wednesday, September 28 – 08:30
TOUR D-4 – Wednesday, September 28 – 13:45

The City of Toronto has made significant investments to facilitate cycling. This tour will provide an opportunity for participants to experience firsthand Toronto's cycling infrastructure on bikes provided by the public Bikeshare program. The tour will commence at a location close to the Sheraton Centre; participants will witness the network and all types of cycling infrastructure constructed across the downtown core, including separated and elevated cycle tracks, contra-flow bike facilities, bike parking and signage.

TOUR E – TTC Transit Network

TOUR E-2 – Wednesday, September 28 – 08:30

The Transit Toronto Commission (TTC) is the public transit agency of the City of Toronto. It operates an extensive network of subways, streetcars and buses, carrying 1.6 million riders every day. This tour will explore a part of the TTC network and highlight the interconnection between subways, streetcars and buses. Participants will view the rights-of-way on Spadina Avenue and Queens Quay. The tour will also highlight new fare-paid stations, streetcars, and key aspects of the network.  

TOUR F – Union Station and UP Express

TOUR F-1 – Monday, September 26 – 13:45
TOUR F-2 – Tuesday, September 27 – 08:30
TOUR F-3 – Tuesday, September 27 – 13:45

Union Station, the largest rail passenger transportation hub in Canada, has been undergoing a massive redevelopment and expansion to accommodate increased demand. Participants will enjoy a walking tour of Union Station including the TTC, GO rail station, train shed and bus terminal. The tour will include explanations of plans for areas still under construction, including the new bus terminal development, as well as Regional Express Rail expansion plans. Participants will also experience the skywalk while viewing the Union Station Rail Corridor and signal control tower, and ride the Union Pearson) UP Express to Bloor station.

TOUR G – Eglinton Crosstown LRT

TOUR G-1 – Monday, September 26 – 13:45
TOUR G-3 – Wednesday, September 28 – 13:45

The Eglinton Crosstown LRT is the largest light rail project in Canada currently under construction. This tour will include the project planning, approach to land-use development, and community benefits program that targets employment, apprenticeships and local supplier opportunities. Participants will learn about tunneling operations as well as the alternative financing and procurement process, and visit areas under construction.

TOUR I – Ministry of Transportation Compass Centre

TOUR I-1 – Tuesday, September 27 – 08:30
TOUR I-2 – Wednesday, September 28 – 13:45

Participants on this tour will visit the new The Central Region COMPASS Transportation Management Centre (CRCTMC) opened in 2015. MTO staff in this facility monitors provincial highways in the Greater Toronto and Hamilton Area using ITS technology and approximately 300 closed circuit television cameras. Participants will see how motorists are advised of road and traffic conditions via 70 permanent variable message signs. This tour will include the Central Region Emergency Operations Centre (EOC) where large events are planned, such as the Pan Am/Parapan Am Games, or other provincial emergencies including nuclear plant emergencies. Presentations will be provided on the role of the CRCTMC and the EOC during the Pan Am Games. Participants will be informed how multiple jurisdictions worked together to monitor and facilitate the movement of athletes, spectators and the public during the Games.

TOUR J – City of Toronto Transportation Operations Centre and Office of Emergency Management

TOUR J-1 – Wednesday, September 28 – 08:30
TOUR J-2 – Wednesday, September 28 – 13:45

The Transportation Operations Centre (TOC) monitors traffic conditions and coordinates traffic control field devices 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Participants will have an opportunity to ask questions about TOC’s operation and unique approach to providing services. Participants will also visit the City's Emergency Operations Centre, which provides effective policy and strategic direction for emergencies; support of emergency operations; consequence management; resource management; coordination of management links to other command/divisional operations centres, external agencies and the Provincial Emergency Operations Centre, as well as information to the general public and news media.

TOUR K – Ramp Terminal Roundabouts at Hwy 401 / Holt Rd Interchange

TOUR K-1 – Tuesday, September 27 – 13:45

The Highway 401/Holt Road Interchange is the first in Ontario where ramp terminals are controlled by roundabouts. Participants will learn about good practice and techniques for roundabout design, especially in relation to interchanges. Participants on this tour will observe traffic operations where three closely spaced consecutive intersections are controlled by roundabouts. Participants will also learn about signing and pavement marking for roundabouts in Ontario.

TOUR L – Queens Quay Revitalization and PAN AM Village

TOUR L-2 – Wednesday, September 28 – 13:45

Queens Quay, the main street of Toronto’s waterfront, was recently reopened after extensive reconstruction. This tour will focus on the Queens Quay revitalization, including Harbourfront.  Participants will also visit the new Pan Am residential village, which has been transformed to a fulsome residential community, the Portlands, the East Bayfront, the Billy Bishop Airport tunnel and the mouth of the Don River naturalization.  

TOUR M – York Region VIVA Rapidways

TOUR M-1 – Tuesday, September 27 – 13:45

Participants will visit, learn about and experience the first rapidway project creating a seamless bus rapid transit connection along Highway 7 East from Bayview to Markham Centre. The tour will address all aspects of the project including planning, construction, financing, and operations.

TOUR N – East Region Bus and Rail Facilities

TOUR N-1 – Tuesday, September 27 – 08:30

This tour highlights GO bus and rail operations in the East Region. Participants will have an opportunity to tour both the new bus and rail facilities. A new LEED Gold facility, the Oshawa GO bus garage includes a tri-generation heat/cool/energy management system. The East Rail Maintenance Facility (currently under construction) is planned to accommodate electric trains. Participants will visit the Pickering pedestrian bridge which spans the full 401 and won an award for Architectural Design.