Application Guidelines for Speed Display Devices

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In Production

Last Updated

October, 2016

Research Area

Speed management, traffic operations

Responsible Council / Committee

Chief Engineers' Council / Traffic Operations and Management Standing Committee

Project Funding Partners

New Brunswick Department of Transportation and Infrastructure; City of Ottawa; Halifax Regional Municipality; Manitoba Infrastructure and Transportation; City of Montreal; Alberta Transportation; City of Surrey; City of Kelowna; Yukon Highways and Public Works; Nova Scotia Transportation and Infrastructure Renewal; Saskatchewan Highways and Infrastructure; City of Calgary; British Columbia Department of Transportation and Infrastructure; Ministère des Transports, de la Mobilité durable et de l’Électrification des transports du Québec; ICBC

Research Agency

WSP Canada Inc.

Start Date

May, 2015

Expected Completion Date

April, 2017

Project Status Detail

Work is in progress.

Project Category

Traffic Operations & Management

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Dynamic speed display signs are being used in many jurisdictions across Canada. The devices display the speed of passing vehicles, typically along with a sign showing the posted speed limit. Intended to increase driver awareness of speed limits and to provide instant feedback to motorists by displaying the actual speed being travelled, the devices have been found to be effective shortly following installation. However some devices used in the field present excessive distraction potential and may not achieve their intended goal. The design, application and use of speed reader boards are not covered by any current TAC guideline.

Work in this project will include a review of devices currently available on the market and a survey of agencies regarding existing practices or related guidelines about speed reader devices. Building on this research, the ultimate objective of the project will be to establish best practices and develop guidelines for speed reader device design and application.

The major deliverable for this project will be design and application guidelines for speed display devices.