People in the News - June 2017

Friday, June 30, 2017

This periodic column features notices from people working in the transportation and road-related industries.

  • Fred Antunes has been appointed Deputy Minister, Saskatchewan Highways and Infrastructure.
  • As of July 4, Darren Chaisson will be appointed Acting Deputy Minister for PEI Transportation, Infrastructure and Energy. 
  • Cameron Matwie, former Manager of Networking Planning, Transportation Planning, with the City of Calgary, has joined ISL Engineering and Land Services as Transportation Planning Manager.
  • Phil Weber is now working for CIMA+ as Senior Project Manager, Associate Partner and Roundabout Specialist.
  • Alan Emery has been named Senior Vice-President, Transportation at Associated Engineering Group Ltd.   
  • Janet Wlodarczyk, Chartered Professional Accountant, has been named Director of Finance and Administration of the Transportation Association of Canada (TAC).   
  • At the University of Waterloo, Professor Susan Tighe has been appointed Deputy Provost, Integrated Planning and Budgeting and Professor Diana Parry has been appointed Associate Vice-President, Human Rights, Equity and Inclusion, for two-year terms commencing July 1.
  • John Stanley Sutherns passed away peacefully in Mississauga on May 14 surrounded by his family. John served as President of the Transportation Association of Canada (TAC) Foundation from 2008 to 2010. His contributions to the organization’s success and the transportation industry were greatly appreciated.

Retirement Notices

  • Richard Chow, Traffic Operations Specialist, Operations, Programming and Planning Branch will retire from Alberta Transportation this summer. Richard got involved with TAC in 1999, worked on 67 funded and volunteer projects, and chaired over 20 projects including wider pavement markings for standard applications; update to TAC’s Guide for the Design of Roadway Lighting; the development of the 6th edition of the Manual of Uniform Traffic Control Devices for Canada, and more.
  • After 16 years at Transport Canada, Russell Smith, Senior Environmental Advisor, Stewardship and Sustainable Transportation Programs, retired on May 30. Russell worked for the Transportation Association of Canada (TAC) as Director of Technical Programs before joining Transport Canada in 2001. While at TAC, he was involved with several Environment Council projects including road salt management; management of surplus materials from road construction and maintenance; and environmental policy and code of ethics.    
  • Alec Simpson has retired as Senior Director, Environmental Management, Transport Canada; he has been replaced by Dominic Cliche.
  • Rico Fung has retired from the Cement Association of Canada. Shane Mulligan has been named Director, Technical Affairs and Stakeholder Relations.