Preparing and Planning for Autonomous Vehicles within the City of Toronto

EVENT: Live Webinar
DATE: Tuesday, February 7, 2017
TIME: 1:00-2:00 PM ET
Individual (1 person): $99 members / $129 non-member
Group* of up to 5 people: $395 members / $645 non-member
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This webinar will discuss the City of Toronto's strategy to understand the opportunities and implications of autonomous and automated vehicle technology.


  • Three-year Transportation Services Divisional Autonomous Vehicles Work Plan
  • Are residents ready for autonomous vehicles? 
  • Planning for autonomous vehicles - imagining and building an alternative future 
  • Partnerships in automated vehicles and how to move forward
  • Questions and answers

Learning Objectives

  • Understand how the City of Toronto is preparing for autonomous vehicles
  • Identify the benefits and challenges of this new and challenging technology
  • Implement automated vehicle strategies in municipalities/cities within North America

Target Audience

  • Government agency staff responsible for transportation infrastructure and planning
  • Private sector employees interested in the opportunities and challenges municipalities are facing with the new technology
  • Anyone with an interest in automated and autonomous vehicle technology


Fahad Khan, Project Lead - Automated Vehicles, Transportation Planning, City of Toronto
A graduate of the University of Toronto in Civil Engineering, Fahad also completed his Masters in Engineering and Public Policy at McMaster University. Before being assigned his current role at the City of Toronto, he worked as a Junior Transportation and Infrastructure Engineer at Alberta Transportation, Land Use Planning and Asset Management. Fahad first joined the City of Toronto’s Traffic Operations Department as an Engineering Technologist before progressing to his current role.



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