Wednesday, September 27

TOUR A-2 – Multi-Lane and Single-Lane Roundabouts – 08:30

See Monday tour (Tour A-1) for description.

TOUR E-2 – C-CORE Geotechnical Centrifuge – 08:30

See Tuesday tour (Tour E-1) for description.

TOUR C-2 – St. John's Metrobus Transit Facility – 13:45

See Tuesday tour (Tour C-1) for description.

TOUR F-1 – Centre for Marine Simulation – 13:45

The Centre for Marine Simulation (CMS), located at the Fisheries and Marine Institute of the Memorial University of Newfoundland campus, is North America’s most advanced and comprehensive simulation provider. CMS assists the marine industry by rehearsing routine and new operation procedures, testing equipment and handling emergency situations under controlled realistic conditions.

The training centre realistically mimics the challenging offshore environment by providing 360º visuals and motion systems. CMS also offers in-house modelling capability to develop generic and client-specific ship models with hydrodynamic accuracy. Models can be used to find vessel’s navigational limitations and investigate seaworthiness in any geographical setting. CMS provides researchers with a shipboard environment to conduct sea trials. An overview of the Centre’s capabilities can be observed here.

TOUR D-2 – Sir Ambrose Shea Lift Bridge, Placentia – 13:45

See Tuesday tour (Tour D-1) for description.