Monday, September 25

TOUR A – Multi-Lane and Single-lane Roundabouts – 13:45

Participants will visit both multi-lane and single-lane roundabouts in the St. John’s area. The roundabouts feature different design/operations, including: bypasses, spiral circulating lane configurations, full pedestrian connectivity, and different forms of central-island landscaping to enhance visibility. Each roundabout has a unique history: the first Newfoundland and Labrador roundabout; the most recent roundabout; developer-built roundabouts and a planned roundabout on a high volume arterial that includes the removal of a traffic signal. Roundabouts are providing local municipalities the best option for improving the local road network while maximizing safety and value.

TOUR B-1 – Kitty Gaul’s Brook and Lower Gullies River – 13:45

This guided tour will involve stops at Kitty Gaul’s Brook, and the Lower Gullies River, two areas affected by the loss of productive fish habitats as a result of highway construction projects. Participants will witness the end result of the habitat restoration, and gain an appreciation of the challenges experienced in highway development over sensitive habitats. Both watercourses are productive trout streams, and offer unique and important wild habitats for many people living in adjacent urban settings.